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Fall into Round Robin: Fall Greek Life Recruitment

Becoming a member of a sorority or fraternity is an excellent way to fill a personal vacancy in one’s college experience. At the beginning of each semester, all of the fraternities and sororities at Monmouth University join together to invite the entire school community to learn more about their chapter at Meet the Greeks.
After discovering more about each chapter and meeting their members, the formal recruitment weekend begins. This semester, recruitment took place Friday, September 23 through Sunday the 24th. Potential new members kick off the weekend by visiting each chapter’s decorative and informative rooms. Delta Phi Epsilon senior, Daniela Polimeni explained, “We show a pretty lengthy slideshow in our room … I think it’s great because the girls can see exactly who we are: philanthropically, socially, academically and personally while enjoying fun music and seeing all of our own photos.”
This past Fall recruitment has been a bit smaller than previous, being that only three out of the seven sororities took new member classes. Most freshmen are unable to join the Greek community until they have at least 12 completed credits. The entire Panhellenic Council looks forward to next Spring’s recruitment process, while sending a warm congratulations to Alpha Sigma Tau, Alpha Xi Delta, and Delta Phi Epsilon on their Fall 2011 new member classes.