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Mid-Major Athletics at Monmouth University

With the ever-changing NCAA, Monmouth works to keep the balance of Mid Major Athletics. Jennifer McGovern is an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science and Sociology at Monmouth. According to the Monmouth University website, she is also a wealth of knowledge about how “sport both reflects and challenges social inequalities, such as social […]

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The Climate Crisis: A Spiritual Perspective

Science-loving folks and religious folks must work together in order to address the climate crisis. In realizing climate change as an existential threat to humankind, we must make a devoted effort to use the strengths of both to guide us in the right direction. While scientists are concerned with the changes that need to happen […]

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The Verge Online Magazine is a student run website comprised of communication students dedicated to the fair, unbiased, and balanced reporting of convergent media. It was created with the purpose of providing the Monmouth University community with information and issues regarding the school and to act as a forum for the expression of the ideas of its audience. It allows students that are interested in journalism, communication, and other multimedia to gain experience while also exploring the alternative platforms that are used in the creation and dissemination of the news today.

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