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Considering the Jets Draft Strategy

The New York Jets find themselves with a Top Five pick in the upcoming draft and they are looking to make moves to improve the team for the upcoming season.
On March 17, the Jets sent the sixth pick overall, the 37th and 49th picks to the Colts, to move up to the third overall pick. This was an aggressive move by general manager Mike Maccagnan as the team members and fans speculate whether the Jets will go after a quarterback.
According to Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breen, the team intended to sign free agent Kirk Cousins. However, he went to the Vikings, forcing the Jets to move on to Plan B. During this past offseason, the Jets re-signed Josh McCown and signed Teddy Bridgewater, adding them to the mix. Both are serviceable quarterbacks. Bridgewater has potential, though he hasn’t played in over two years while recovering from a devastating knee injury. Prior to the injury, though, he was playing at a high level.
All signs point to the Jets selecting a quarterback with the third pick of the draft. The only question is who it will be. Out of all the quarterbacks declaring for the draft, Josh Allen, Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, and Josh Rosen are expected to be drafted early. Many teams without a young quarterback are looking to move up in the draft.
Fortunately, the Jets saw an opportunity to switch up with the Colts, as the Colts do not intend to draft a quarterback as Andrew Luck rehabs from an injury. The Colts feel comfortable enough to move back and get the player that they want. According to the latest mock draft by Sports Illustrated, the Colts are likely to select Roquan Smith, a linebacker from Georgia.
This means that the Jets have many options as they pick between quarterbacks. The two teams choosing before the Jets are the Browns and the Giants. Running back Saquon Barkley, from Penn State, will go first or second overall, as he is rated for the top overall player in the draft and one of the two teams will select a quarterback.
In the mock drafts as created by respected sports analysts, 45 percent believe that the Jets will draft Mayfield. 40 percent believe it will be Rosen. Rosen would be a smart choice, fitting both the Jets and the atmosphere of New York city. He has never been arrest or failed a drug test; he is well respected among his peers and has never been suspended from the sport. Most importantly, he loves the game of football.
Players with personalities similar to Rosen are often drafted quickly. Quarterbacks like Carson Wentz, Andrew Luck, and Tom Brady have similar traits to him. The question now is what kind of personality the Jets prefer. It seems that the Jets, and any other team, would want to have one of the top quarterbacks, but Rosen’s attention to detail puts him on a higher field than the other quarterbacks that could be drafted. Jets fans will have to wait and see who they will pick with their third pick on Thursday, April 26th.
Featured image taken from newyorkjets.com.