WORLD ON FIRE: Group Performance of Adapted Climate Change Poetry, featured at Monmouth U’s Climate Change Teach-In, Oct. 29, 2020:

Dr. Deanna Shoemaker invited her students to perform World on Fire, Climate Change Poetry. Dr. Shoemaker shared her thoughts on what this performance means to the Monmouth Community and what her students were able to convey about the importance of Climate Change and Environmental Justice. Dr. Shoemaker states:             This collaborative student and faculty performance video […]


Why it is Dangerous to Promote Events like Making Abortion Illegal Again On a College Campus

On October 9th, 2020, the Monmouth University Community received an email from the Gender Studies and Intersectionality Club. The email was regarding a virtual event created by the Catholic Campus Ministry called “Make Abortions Illegal Again.”  Found on Instagram, the post explains that Kristan Hawkins, founder of Students for Life of America, would be presenting […]

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Climate Change Crisis in Kolkata, India: A Conversation with Lisha Samuel

“Your city may be underwater by 2050“ Lisha Samuel, a graduate student in the Communication department, spoke during the climate change teach-in on October 30th about migration due to severe weather conditions. Lisha poses the question of how we can teach climate change on a global scale so that people will start to take this […]

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Mid-Major Athletics at Monmouth University

With the ever-changing NCAA, Monmouth works to keep the balance of Mid Major Athletics. Jennifer McGovern is an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science and Sociology at Monmouth. According to the Monmouth University website, she is also a wealth of knowledge about how “sport both reflects and challenges social inequalities, such as social […]