Out of the Darkness Community Walks to Prevent Suicide

Each year more than 34,000 individuals lose their lives to suicide. In order to decrease this number and help save lives, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention designed community walks called Out of the Darkness to raise awareness about the prevention of suicide. The walks are held all over the United States. “AFSP is a non-profit organization that funds scientific research, offers educational programs for professionals, educates the public about mood disorders and suicide prevention, promotes policies and legislation that impact suicide and prevention, provides programs and resources for survivors of suicide loss and people at risk, and involves them in the work of the Foundation.”

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This past October I had the opportunity to participate and walk with others in my community for this great cause. The walk was held at Sea Girt National Guard Training Center in Sea Girt, New Jersey for the very first time. From the moment you stepped foot on camp grounds, you felt the love and warm embrace from everyone. There were teams walking in memory of a loved one with shirts dedicated to them. Individuals of all ages attended. Speeches were given and candles were lit in memory of specific individuals who had lost their lives to suicide. The walk was an overall success and because of how many individuals walked and raised money, the Out of the Darkness Community Walk at Sea Girt has now become an annual walk.
All the money raised and donated at this walk as well as all the other Out of the Darkness Community Walks goes directly to the AFSP. The money is used to help fund research and educate individuals understand about depression and suicide. It is important to understand the impact of suicide. Each day, individuals lose their lives. However, each day you can help save someone to losing their life to suicide by taking a stand and raising awareness.  Each and every one of us makes an impact. Even if you do not know someone who has personally been affected by suicide or lost someone to suicide, you still can help. Raising money for a cause like this will help our society become more aware of suicide and how we can prevent it.
For more information regarding suicide and how you can participate in a community walk in your area go to the Out of the Darkness website. Life is special and everyone should cherish it. Make a change and help prevent suicide from taking the lives of so many people.
Some more information from Fox 5 news regarding Out Of The Darkness and suicide prevention:
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