Stingers is Back: A Buzz at Monmouth University

Students at Monmouth University had the opportunity to welcome back an old stomping ground that was once cherished by many Monmouth Alumni. “Stingers is back” became a familiar phrase on campus this fall after Stingers Burger Bar in West End reopened for two special events. Stingers was once a popular spot where Monmouth students could go on the weekends to dance, drink, and have a good time. The establishment ended its weekend party scene in 2008 due to problems with false identification and underage drinking, but the bar stayed open on certain days of the week for dinner.
However, Fall 2011 marked the rebirth of Stingers’ nightclub, and owners equipped the place with police officers and bouncers to ensure no underage drinking problems. So far there has been a positive response among students who are 21 and older. Much of this feedback can be attributed to Allied Entertainment, which is an up-and-coming entertainment group run by several young DJs and promoters. The team put in weeks of work, including graphic design, promotions, decorating, lighting and sound installation, hiring of event staff, and a DJ lineup in preparation for the events.  Local DJs including DJ Mac Diesel, DJ Spirito, DJ Ronnie White, DJ Sean John, DJ Sidetrack, and DJ Tommy G all spun sets throughout both nights. Friends and fans of the DJs came out in large groups to show their support.
Founder of Allied Entertainment, Keith McPherson, also known as DJ Mac Diesel, explains how he came up with the idea of reopening the venue back in September. “A friend of mine needed help with the audio at his restaurant.  That restaurant happened to be Stingers.  As soon as I saw the inside of the place I asked about bringing it back to Monmouth.  Luckily I was granted that opportunity and Allied Entertainment was ready to go.”
The first night was held on October 1st to celebrate the revival of the nightclub. The theme was “Stingers is Back: Pink and Black”, and many patrons sported pink and black attire in spirit of the event. Overall the turnout was tremendous, and over 370 people-mostly Monmouth students, attended the event. The night was complete with strobe lights, fog machines, three separate bars, and an Allied Entertainment DJ lineup that focused mainly on playing house music.   Although there were a few mishaps involving sound equipment, fire alarms, and short circuits, the night was a success, and Monmouth students continued to buzz about Stingers. Allied Entertainment member Chris Spirito, who goes by DJ Sprito, also helped organized and promote the event. “The first night, we ran into some technical difficulties due to circuits tripping because of the massive amounts of power we were using on stage. But the second night was silky smooth, nothing tripped, the music never stopped, and the place was packed. “
The second night occurred on November 19th, and a crowd of over 300 people filled the dance floor throughout the evening. Attendees appreciated the drink specials, the music, and a general change of pace from the other local nightspots.
Stingers is definitely a spot for Monmouth students to keep their eyes on as members of Allied Entertainment and Stingers management continue to plan future events. The atmosphere at Stingers is unique to other local bars; the venue is fully stocked with a large dance floor, an intricate lighting system, and three separate bars.  Since the music selection from the DJs speaks directly to house music lovers, fans of the genre can appreciate a night free from the usual top-40 lineup they’re used to hearing. More importantly, many of the members of Allied Entertainment and its affiliated DJs are Monmouth students themselves, so Stingers is a perfect venue for students to support their peers.
People who are interested in attending a future Stingers night can click “like” on Allied Entertainment’s Facebook page for updates.  The next event is December 10th, which will be the Stingers Holiday Party.
Video of 1st Stingers Night