Go Figure: The Nicole Adamo Transformation Project

Nicole Adamo is on quest to live through a fitness revolution. Her 12 week program will get her closer to the fitness goals she preaches. Image and photo courtesy taken from: Nicole Adamo's Facebook

West Long Branch, N.J. (The Verge) – Monmouth University student Nicole Adamo is on a 12-week journey to completely transform her body and ultimately become an NPC competitor. She is currently an editorial assistant for Muscle & Fitness Magazine, but she has decided to take it a step further by putting herself in someone else’s shoes. Instead of writing about what competitors do, she has decided to experience it all for herself. She has the support from Muscle & Fitness, sponsorship from Gaspari Nutrition, and over 6300 likes on her Facebook page. I had the opportunity to interview Nicole about her progress.
What is the purpose of this transformation? How did it all start?
Nicole: I am doing a 12-week transformation project from being an editorial assistant to an NPC Competitor. I am used to working at Muscle & Fitness, Muscle & Fitness Hers & Flex magazine, writing for them, and interviewing these competitors, so we decided to throw someone from the editorial side (who’s been complaining of college weight gain) on the physical side of it.
How did you find this opportunity?
Nicole: I am Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief of Muscle & Fitness Hers and Flex Magazine so it all started out as an office joke and somehow became a great story.
How has the experience been so far? Ups? Downs?
Nicole: The experience has been so crazy. My ex is a competitor and a lot of my friends in the industry have turned Pro so I was used to this lifestyle but not for myself. Its been a lot of work, a crazy diet and an emotional rollar coaster. I’ve faced many challenges in this process but im definitely making progress.
What are your goals for the rest of the journey?
Nicole: I am at the halfway point, so from here on out it’s just about staying focused and motivated, losing the last couple of pounds and really giving it my all. I’m not competing to take second place.
What’s a typical day in the gym like for you?
Nicole: I spend about an hour in the gym before the sun comes up and 2-3 after it goes down EVERY DAY. Sundays I do workouts at home. I just bought a treadmill for my house at school for the last 6 weeks because my cardio is now at 3 times a day (by my trainer)
What advice would you give to anyone who is trying to stay fit and healthy?
Nicole: I would say like any goal it’s all in the mind. You have to stay focused and work. When you go to the gym, you’re not there to socialize…put your hood up and your head down and just do what you have to do. Diet is everything and so is not cheating yourself out of any reps, sets, and time on the treadmill. If you want it bad enough, you’ll sacrifice whatever you have to get it. Once you see those results start happening you won’t want to stop or eat bad.
Do you have a blog or facebook page where people can see updates on your diet and fitness routines?
Nicole: My diet can be found on along with videos
You can also follow updates on
Nicole’s fitness and dieting journey is inspiring to anyone searching for motivation. There are no excuses. While some people are busy complaining about their body, Nicole is doing everything she can to make changes, and she still somehow manages attending college and working at the same time. When you are driven enough, you can certainly make anything happen. One of her most recent status updates reads, “Make it a point to make it happen. Don’t talk about it, don’t think about it.. Just do it, own it & take pride in it #GetItDone.”

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  1. Ohhh this sounds really good, I would love to see the 12 week plan. I last competed 2 years ago and at 44 have hit a barrier and need some inspiration, this looks like it to keep me focus in the gym as it is lacking now. Please help:-)))

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