Specifically, The Romney Economy

(The Verge) – Mitt Romney is still being beat out in major swing state polls to the President. The latest numbers show President Obama up by 10 points in Ohio and between 3-9 points in the crucial battleground state of Florida. Romney’s campaign is in a very difficult position, catching criticism from the Republican base and swing voters over the direction of his campaign. A series of gaffes earlier this month drew some harsh press and prompted a “campaign reboot.”
The Romney/Ryan policy proposals have been extremely vague in terms of specific actions to strengthen the economy. The candidates advocate the closing of loopholes in the tax system but won’t go as far to explain which ones. Romney has even claimed that the confidence of austere measures he will impose once elected will be on some level enough to spark some confidence from investors, leading to economic recovery (the idea of this claim is boggling). Even so, according to economist Paul Krugman, investment from businesses has been on the uptick, household debt and the lack of private spending (liquidity trap) is what is holding growth back, and as I’ve gone over government stimulus is the way to counter this. Romney and Ryan’s economic plan seems to be based on no real economic data, just the claim that Republican economics (you know, what has been working so well for the past 30 years) is the sure cure for this depression.

Mitt Romney’s decline in the polls lately have shown some real weaknesses in his campaign. Image taken from: 3.bp.blogspot.com