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Album Review: Kaskade's "Atmosphere"

(The Verge) – Ryan Raddon, known as Kaskade, has been making his name known in the EDM scene this past decade with his signature sound of beautiful melodies behind soft vocals and distinct electric tracks. Growing up in Chicago, Kaskade was influenced by new wave bands such as “The Smiths” and “The Cure,” but was also captivated by the melodies and vocals in the House music that was born in his city. Kaskade kept his love for music and passion for House relevant in his life by constantly exposing himself to new styles by spinning all throughout college which led him to begin working on his own music. Kaskade came up with a bunch of singles and EPs but it wasn’t until 2011 when he came out with “Fire & Ice”. He had 9 top 10 hits  off this album on Billboard’s Hot Dance Airplay chart. On September 10, Kaskade released his highly anticipated album, “Atmosphere.”

Album cover for Kaskade's new album "Atmosphere. Image Taken From: thissongissick.com
Album cover for Kaskade’s new album “Atmosphere. Image Taken From: thissongissick.com

Throughout the LP, Kaskade keeps the spirit of “Fire & Ice” alive by having a variety of tracks including upbeat and slow tracks that are just as beautiful as the “Fire & Ice” tracks. Regardless of the tempo, you will find yourself either bouncing or singing to the tracks. The multiple sounds send you on a musical journey that you won’t want to get out of.
He begins his album with the “fire” track, “Last Chance.” The symphony of the synths over powers bass line of the song but is balanced out with light female vocals to help move you throughout all the dramatic changes in the song. Definitely a great way to kick off his album getting you pumped up for more.
Kaskade keeps the energy alive with his track, “Why Ask Why.” Although the title suggests otherwise, I see no reason in questioning his choice of doing so. The dramatically heart filled lyrics “I made a list, I’m all packed up, I’m ready to go, heres my last stop, I’ll soon be far away, you can watch me go or you can change your mind and be with me on the road,” suggest leaving someone for some time. This is perhaps a more personal song for the DJ exposing the downside of pursuing what he loves. However, the emotion out into the song is felt by the audience making the song nothing short of relatable and beautiful.
Keeping the fire hot, he follows up with “MIA to LAS” it is the first of the trio of air flight songs that he has included in the album. This sexy, thick house track will have anyone feeling like they should be strutting their stuff on the catwalk they made up in their mind.
Kaskade then introduces a little ice to cool us down from the heat with “No One Knows Who We Are.” This stripped down version of the song is composed of a beautiful piano riff, cellos, violins and the voice of the singer, Lights. The lyrics “No one knows who we are… No one gave us a mark” tugs on the heart strings of any listener. Between all these components, the song enamors the ear of all that are pulled in by its elegance.
Teasing his audience, Kaskade released the album entitled track, Atmosphere, prior the album release and it successfully got his audience excited for what was to come. Pushing his musical talents, Kaskade not only was the mastermind behind the energy pumping beat, but he also took on the role of the vocalist in this track. From the somber piano melody in the beginning of the track to the incredible upbeat body, it is a complete masterpiece.
Whether you are into House music or not, Kaskade is an artist who explored all musical outlets and whose  work deserves attention from all listeners. The CD is made up of components that anyone will find beyond enjoyable. The songs listed and the many others you will find on the album all have a backstory that you can feel it throughout. Whether it be the travel from airport to airport or the bitterness that comes along with pursuing his dream, there is no mistake that each track is personable to the artist, and Kaskade tried to have the listener feel that way as well. Enchanted by the endless stream of emotion you will experience, I guarantee this is an album you will listen to daily.