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Oh My! The Transformation of Miley Cyrus

(The Verge) – The recent actions of Miley Cyrus have been no less than shocking. From her outrageous “twerking” in the video for We Can’t Stop, to her swinging naked on her Wrecking Ball, to her talk of recreational drug use in the song 23, Miley has surprised the world with her fast transformation into a promiscuous pop star. The lyrics and actions of Miley are almost completely opposite to those of Hannah Montana, arguably Miley’s most famous role. She has received extreme criticism for these actions, but what people may not understand is that she is growing up and marketing herself to a whole new audience.
When I was younger, Miley served as a role model to many of my peers, and sparked my interest in her shows and songs. This role model persona has been stripped to reveal an edgy wild-child who openly discusses drinking and using drugs. Miley’s most shocking moment thus far was probably her performance at the 2013 Video Music Awards, as she openly violated R&B singer Robin Thicke, a foam finger and a slew of massive teddy bears. I, along with a majority of viewers, sat and watched in awe of Miley’s actions; this was not the wholesome girl I once watched on Disney Channel!  Miley’s actions were talked about on social media for about two weeks after her performance, discussing everything from her hair, to her outfit and to her inability to keep her tongue in her mouth.
Although her actions are controversial, one thing remains true in regard to Miley Cyrus: whatever she is doing, it is working. Many people scoff at her actions, but then find themselves humming her newest song or scrolling through her Twitter feed for entertainment. I am guilty of this as well; after Miley’s VMA performance, I would have never expected to listen to her music again. However, just this past week, I purchased her album Bangerz and cannot get enough of it. Instead of criticizing Miley Cyrus, we should embrace this change, because she is going to do anything she wants regardless of her critics and inevitably will be successful.
Listen to Bangerz on Spotify.
Miley Cyrus – Bangerz (Deluxe Version)