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Why Yoga Should Be a Lifestyle, Not a Fad

WEST LONG BRANCH, NJ – If you’re a social media junking like so many other students at MU, I’m sure you have noticed the latest health trend – hot yoga. But for those of who who haven’t encountered the latest fitness trend, here’s the breakdown: hot yoga such as Bikram and Vinyasa consists of the typical yoga definition of breath control, meditation and a sequence of different body postures. The room is also heated to 98 to 108 (depending on the studio) in order to eliminate toxins and create flexibility – putting the ‘hot’ in hot yoga.
“The first time I went to hot yoga I thought that it would just be a good workout. I actually underestimated how strong I could become from yoga,” said senior Jordan Levison. Jordan is a registered yoga instructor at Younique Yoga’s, teaching at various locations throughout Monmouth County. She is also Yoga Alliance certified and has spoken about her transformation into hot yoga.
“Practicing yoga and being a part of the yoga community has absolutely changed me as a person,” mentioned Jordan. “I looked up to my instructors in so many different ways and was just totally inspired by them.”
But Jordan’s yoga journey did not happen over night. Mastering the art of yoga is a process that takes an abundance of patience and concentration.

Photo from Jordan Levison’s Instagram account.

Many are extremely concerned the heat would be too much to bare, making it less appealing. But, like any fitness class, taking precaution is necessary. Drinking a lot of water before, during and after the class is always beneficial to a pre-hot yoga routine. During hot yoga, your body detoxifies itself  by eliminating the toxins through sweat. This is why it’s extremely important to hydrate and replenish what the body has lost. It’s almost important to remember to go at your own rate during the class. Not everyone is a professional nor should everyone try to act like one at their first class.
“You get that crazy, sweaty challenge in class and then you leave 100% more relaxed and clear-headed than you were when you walked in,” Jordan mentioned before.
The benefits of any yoga class, physically and mentally, are endless. Your body and mind are prepared for what the day or week has to bring. It is a great way to handle the stress of finals or even as a quick break from the tediously work.
“I looked up to my instructors in so many different ways and was just totally inspired by them. I wanted to be able to guide other students to find their peace through yoga and maybe inspire some of them too. The best part is seeing people have both physical and mental breakthroughs in class,” said Jordan.
Yoga is a unique form that can be adopted by anyone and practiced worldwide. It teaches patience, acceptance and the benefits of maintaing a healthy and happy lifestyle.