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The Boss is Back in Town

For the first time in three years, the legendary singer Bruce Springsteen has announced he and the members of the E Street Band will be touring in 2012.
Many fans are curious as to how the band and Bruce will perform without the loving and talented Clarence Clemons, who passed away this past June. According to the band’s website, they will perform in Europe from May until July and then head back to the States in August. “A lot of you have been hearing that Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will be on tour in 2012. That is absolutely correct,” the website said.

Bruce and The E Street Band. Image taken from: Google Images

Currently, the Boss is working on a new album that will soon be released within the next couple of months. Those from New Jersey have much to be proud of. Bruce has been around for many years and announcing his 2012 tour has received media attention from all over. The fans are ecstatic and are anxiously waiting dates in the U.S. to be announced.
Bruce and the E Street Band have become one of the most followed and famous bands in history. Many individuals who are from the Monmouth County area are huge fanatics of Bruce. Asbury Park in New Jersey is one of the most legendary and famous sites for rock n’ roll performers. The memorabilia collection of “The Boss” which was once placed in the library in Asbury can now be viewed by appointment at our very own campus, Monmouth University.
Bruce and Clarence. Image taken from: Google Images

The announcement of the tour and new album has certainly become a huge hit in the media. Everyone is very excited to see where the band will be playing and what they will do without the beloved Clarence. For more information regarding the tour, dates, the new album, and more visit Bruce’s website.
The Boss is back in town …