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Barstool Blackout Tour Coming to Monmouth?

If you haven’t heard of Barstool Sports or their Barstool Blackout Tour, you may become very familiar with the two very soon.  This party has been making its way to colleges up and down the east coast all semester and doesn’t look like it will be slowing down into the Spring. Could Monmouth University possibly be on their radar as a potential tour stop?
Barstool Sports is a sports blog representing Boston, New York, and Philadelphia.  It is a college based site best known for their coverage of local sports teams, funny college stories, and “Smokeshows of the Day”.  A handful of Monmouth University co-eds have been selected for this prestigious honor highlighting the hottest girls they can find from different universities.
The Barstool Blackout Tour looks like an old school rave driven by the popular electronic dance music of today. The event is all about the black lights, lasers, fog machines, and strobe lights that make everyone in attendance glow in the dark.  Headlined by Chicago’s own DJ Dante the Don, the tour features multiple DJs sometimes local or brought in by Barstool Sports.  The tour has hit schools such as West Virginia, UConn, Towson, Michigan, Maryland, UVA, and Iowa. All that’s been left behind are pictures and videos of  students raging the night away.
Kids come ready to party dressed in all white and bright neon colors. It’s your average college highlighter party, on steroids. It’s like Day Glow, without the paint. Every event they have sells out and is full to capacity. Some schools chose whether they want to sell tickets to the public or have a private event just for students. Tickets have been priced under twenty bucks and the tour dates have been booked every week from September to February.
So  the question is, when are we booking the Monmouth date? A Facebook event was made for students interested in having this event.  In less than 24 hours 1,000 people joined.  I spoke to Barstool via email around mid November basically asking what it would take to bring the Barstool Blackout Tour to Monmouth University. I wasn’t the first to bring up MU.  Barstool wants to come to Monmouth, but they don’t have a confirmed venue. Essentially, they would need a place 18 and up to enter, preferably a bar or club that has a big open space and can fit anywhere from 500-1500 people.
I immediately suggested The Stone Pony in Asbury Park as a venue off campus, 10-15 min away from school which holds a capacity of 775 people.  The Pony works with Ticket Master and Live Nation. I got an email response saying that Barstool had spoken to Live Nation and would possibly be able to arrange The Stone Pony.  Barstool doesn’t mind booking the venue but the cost of the party is $10,000. So who’s putting that up?

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