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Alec Baldwin, Words with Friends, and Saturday Night Live vs. American Airlines

This past week, Alec Baldwin was removed from an American Airline flight from LA to New York. He was playing a popular application on the iPhone called, Words With Friends, a scrabble game, and refused to power down his device for take off. It wasn’t just for his blatant disregard for the safety codes that caused his ultimate removal from the flight, but the way he treated the flight attendants. Which brings up the question, why do celebrities think they are more entitled than your average Joe? I certainly don’t enjoy pausing my music or putting my seat in the upright position, but I do it because it is asked of me. Maybe next time someone thinks of throwing a hissy fit, to put it in lamens terms, they bite the bullet and do what their told. After all, the airlines are difficult enough as is, must we make it more difficult, Alec?

But as it turns out, he was able to make light of a somewhat serious situation. He used his good relations with the peole at Saturday Night Live and made a cameo on the show this past week. Take a look here to watch Weekend Update Capt. Steve Rogers in action.