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Top It! Frozen Yogurt Store Opens in West End

WEST END, LONG BRANCH – Frozen treat lovers rejoice, Long Branch is finally home to its own frozen yogurt shop, Top It.
Top It, located in the West End next to Dounkin Donuts, just 1.2 miles from Monmouth University’s campus. Avid visitors of Dounkin Donuts, may have noticed the empty, abandoned space next door, which will now be occupied by customers looking to get the tasty treat which has come to be known as Fro-Yo.
Top It, is the second location for owner Marty Schecter, the other being in Asbury Park, on First and Ocean Ave. According to the Top It owner, the Asbury location is about 1/4 the size of this upcoming Long Branch location and will be closed for the winter, while the new store will remain open. Schecter chose to open the store in the off-season because unlike the original location, there is an advantage here…Monmouth University. “I’m gearing everything here towards Monmouth University,” Schecter explains, “I think this area has the beach crowd and then the university. Yogurt stores near universities typically, like near Rutgers, busy season is actually the winter time during school. Here we have both, that’s why I chose this location.”
In addition to offering special promotions for Monmouth students and faculty such as a 10% discount (with school ID), Schecter said he will be willing to work with different MU clubs or organizations for events like fundraisers.
Frozen yogurt has become a phenomenon in recent years, and the Asbury Park Press recently reported that Jersey Shore self-serve frozen yogurt chains are growing. says, “The frozen yogurt market, estimated at $700 million to $1 billion, has grown as consumers shift away from ice cream.”
Schecter paid close attention to the growing trend stating, “I’ve been following it [the industry] for a couple years.” After opening his first location, which he says was “a big learning experience” he decided to post up shop in the profitable college and beach town.
Top It, will evince its name with over 40 different toppings available to add to 12 different flavors of self-serve frozen yogurt. The process, as Scechter describes is, “all self-serve, you are in control. You put as little or as much you want in the cup, and whatever toppings you want and then you go to the scale and the cash register.”
Of the flavors, the basics (chocolate, vanilla, tart) will be available, and toppings will vary from sweets like sprinkles and cheesecake bites, to healthier options like fresh fruits and nuts. Monmouth University health and nutrition professor, Megan Squires, was able to lend her expertise in explaining the dietary advantages of Fro-Yo, which many contribute its popularity to.
Squires explains, “When choosing foods (or desserts) it’s important to look at the whole nutrient package, meaning how many nutrients the food provides relative to the amount of calories and fat. If you compare a ½ cup of chocolate frozen yogurt (serving size) to a ½ cup of chocolate ice cream (serving size), frozen yogurt has approximately 25% less calories, half the fat and saturated fat and relatively equal amounts of calcium and protein…frozen yogurt is more nutrient dense and would therefore be a healthier alternative to ice cream and other frozen desserts.”
Not only is frozen yogurt a healthier alternative because of calories or fat content, it also may offer actual nutritional benefits, “Yogurt contains probiotics, or “Live and Active Cultures,” which refers to the living organisms Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophiles. These organisms convert pasteurized milk to yogurt during fermentation. Yogurt with active cultures may help certain gastrointestinal conditions, including: Lactose intolerance, Diarrhea Constipation, Colon cancer, and Inflammatory bowel disease,” said Squires. She explained that although during the freezing process, these cultures go into a dormant state, when they are eaten and returned to a warm temperature, they again offer those positive benefits. However, she warns that not all frozen yogurt contains these cultures, and you can check if the yogurt you are eating is providing nutritional benefits by visiting The National Yogurt Association’s website,
Because Fro-Yo has much less calories than ice cream, it is an especially good option for those watching their weight. In fact, based on Squire’s information, walking from campus to Top It and back, a 120 pound person would burn 130 calories. If they consume 1 cup of frozen yogurt at 110 calories per serving, they would burn off almost half of the calories they consumed.
Schecter understands that frozen yogurt was a healthy alternative to many frozen desserts. “Its good for you, healthy and non-fat. We have a non-sugar product that’s good for diabetics and probably about 10 flavors in that,” said Schecter.
The store itself was designed by Schecter, inspired by his online research of other frozen yogurt stores. The store has an interesting “S” wall design, also a product of Schecter’s design plan. He also shared that the wall was designed with tiles, to “look like an igloo.”
Monmouth students have taken notice, and many seem interested in trying out the new Fro-Yo spot. Especially important for resident students without a car, is its proximity to the university, an easy walking distance. Brittany Godburn a Sophmore (without a car) said, “I am very interested in the opening of a frozen yogurt store so close to campus. I feel like it’s a delicious, healthy alternative to ice cream, and it would be well worth the walk to get some.”
As for future ideas, Schecter has quite a few proposals. “We may do a promotion like Wacky Wednesday or Weight Wednesday where if you guess the loyalty of your yogurt you get it for free,” said Schecter.

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  1. Top It is a great addition to the monmouth area. Going to Monmouth University, and having this business located so close, it is so easy to stop by whenever i want. Also, from working there since the opening in November, the customer following has drasitcally increased, and i cannot even imagine what the summer is going to bring! All of the flavors are healthy for you, and offer such a great variety! Putting this business in was such an excellent idea.

  2. Top It Frozen Yogurt Bar is amazing! The location is perfect because of how close it is to the University and to the beach. It’s even close enough for students to walk to if they do not have a car. There’s such a great variety of different flavors to choose from and they switch from time to time as well which is a nice change. There are so many toppings that the possibilities are endless. I have fallen in love with every flavor. It’s so nice to see how many students from Monmouth University have been coming in and exciting to see more in the future!

  3. Thank you so much! We are so glad that you enjoy your blog and we really appreciate your comments. We appreciate your support!!!

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