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The Fight for Clean Water

Every morning, I wake up, go downstairs, and pour myself a glass of water. It is a routine part of my day, just as it is for millions of people, to drink water throughout the day. It is a vital part of life but sadly there are people who don’t have the luxury of simply pouring themselves a glass of water like I do every morning. Countries such as Somalia, Kenya, and Sierra Leone are some of the many countries that lack safe drinking water. That can all change with the help of many. Clean water is an essential part of day-to-day life but for nearly one billion people, just finding it is s daily struggle
The hunt for clean water is a problem for many people across the world: East Africa is currently facing their worst drought in history. Prior for this, finding clean water was challenging but now, it’s nearly impossible. Although a drought cannot cause famine, it is becoming an increasingly alarming issue because of the lack of water supply. Even if we were to have a drought across the United States, our resources are much more accessible than that of a third world country. Countries that do not have the resources to help themselves need the help of others that can.
Many organizations have been put into place to help countries that lack clean water.  Organizations such as The Water Project, My Charity Water, Global Water and many other non-profits help provide awareness and the resources to sustain clean water in the countries where it is needed most. These non-profits make great strides to end the cycle of hunger because as it turns out, 1 out of every 8 people are without clean water. The Water Project, My Charity Water, and Global water are in the process of changing that staggering statistic.
The Water Project helps to install wells in small African communities so that fresh, clean water is a reality, not a fantasy. They have a process that although isn’t quick or easy, is effective. They give the locals the fundamentals they need to not just have clean water for now, but forever. They educate the community and follow up with them to make sure that the well has worked for the community and that as a whole they are working together to maintain it. To The Water Project, clean water is so important because once “The cycle of poverty is broken. Lives change.”
Charity water makes similar efforts to get clean water into developing countries. They offer various ways for people to raise the $5,000 it costs to install a well.  You could give up birthday presents, organize a walk, or even have a bake sale, anything to help you raise money to help your project. Within 18 months of breaking ground, the village your well was built it could be up and running with an abundant flow of fresh water. Think about it, what’s more satisfying: drinking water at your leisure or knowing that you’ve helped a community of people have access to clean water.
Global Water is a non-profit organization that helps to provide developing countries with clean water, just as the other organizations have. An excerpt of their mission statement reads, “We believe the lack of safe drinking water and sanitation facilities are the root causes of hunger, disease and poverty throughout the developing world.” This is an important thing to consider when asking yourself, ‘why is providing clean water so important’. Until this moment I never realized how important clean water was either, but the truth of the matter is that the lack of it causes many issues as Global Water just explained. A vicious cycle of hunger and disease will continue without help. As you can see, it doesn’t take much money to get these projects off the ground. Although you may sponsor a well on your own, those without the money to afford such an expensive effort, donating as little as $20 could change the lives of five people.
Clean water is a luxury for billions around the world and a struggle for the rest. Through global initiatives we can help those who do not have access to clean water. The Water Project, My Charity Water, and Global water are all making efforts to provide clean water to developing countries but they cannot help the one billion people in need without the funds that you can provide. With your help, you can provide one person or potentially an entire village with a well that will give them access to clean water.