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Teacher evaluation

At the end of every semester, we are handed surveys to access our professor s. What constitutes a professor receiving high marks in comparison to low marks? What is looked at a downfall for a professor? If a professor assigns ridiculous amounts of work, but has a great personality, do you give him/her a high or low rating? What about a professor who constantly cancels class, or lets you out early every class? Does this behavior earn brownie points in your eyes?
We need to consider what we learn while in class over this fifteen week period, if we learn anything at all. Do you do the same exact thing every week in class? Do you work individually, in groups, or does it vary? Does your professor assign assignments at all? Does your professor offer helpful feedback and is available outside of class time?
Personally, I know two of my professors were extremely passionate about the field of communication. I learned more about movies, music, and books than what I ever dreamed of learning. My professors made the topics taught in class interesting and portrayed the information in an effective way that hit home with our age group. Half the battle with teaching college kids (or people in general) is to grab their attention. A successful professor will be able to relate to their class and get on their level.
I can’t stand professors who are unorganized and scatterbrained. I am here to learn something and pay a pretty penny to be here. I don’t want a class to be a walk in the park, but I also don’t want to be bogged down with work. I want a happy medium, where I learn the necessary information of the class in a timely fashion.
Everyone has their own reasons and ways of gauging a professor’s ability to teach a class. While I cannot tell you how to evaluate someone, certain criteria should be met to receive a high rating. You need to decide what deems a professor worthy or not of receiving a high mark. Keep in mind, the information that you learn in class will be used in the future.