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COREiculum Workout Makes Ship Shape Debut

COREiculum is an intense physical workout designed for college students. Image taken from: COREiculum Twitter Page

West Long Branch (The Verge) – The COREiculum workout program has been a huge success in making Monmouth students more lean, and in better shape. The workout program has been exposed all across campus, and has had a successful turnout in their first semester. Multiple events have been held to market COREiculum throughout the month of April. Each of the events  were successful in drawing students to the program.
COREiculum is revolved around seven different COREises that one can choose from. The main five include plyometrics, chest & legs, kickboxing, shoulders & upper body, and a boot camp workout that combines all previous workouts  into one . Students can also do two extra credit workouts, cardio and yoga stretching.  Each workout takes approximately 30 minutes to compete and can be done either alone or with multiple people.
Everyone knows about workout programs that claim to get you in the best shape of your life in 90 days or less, and has you go through specific stages within this timeframe. However, one determined student saw that this did not work out for college students, and felt the need to create a program tailored for students and their busy lives. Graduate student Andy Stern saw a need for change because he knew that college students can not follow a strict meal guideline, and have hectic schedules. Stern believes that spreading out a positive message, and being a coach for those who are trying to improve their lifestyle is important because “If you become healthy now, your kids will be healthy, their grandkids.”
Although the workout was created by Andy Stern, a significant amount of hard work was put in by Professor John Buzza’s entrepreneurship class.  “Each and every student in this class did something to make this project successful,” said Prof. Buzza. There were multiple roles that people could take, from being an IT manager, to being in charge of legal affairs.
The cast of COREiculum held multiple events to finish out their first semester. Each of these events brought not only attention to their product, but allowed people to have a good time and learn more about this new lifestyle.
The first of these events was the COREientation party which was held on Tuesday April 10 at The Draft House in Long Branch. This party was 18 to enter, and there were approximately 300 people packed into The Draft House.
The official launch took place on Monday April 23rd.  It featured thank you’s from Professor Buzza and his entrepreneurship class, along with a sample Boot Camp workout as demonstrated by COREiculum students.
Finally, the cast of COREiculum hosted a field day on Thursday April 26th, featuring inflatable games, baseball, and other crazy activities.
CoREiculum has had a very successful first semester. Hosting multiple events across campus and getting students into shape, COREiculum is also a way for students to socializewith one another and is possible for any student to complete since all workouts only take 30 minutes to complete. As instructor Andy Stern says, “COREiculum isin’t  just a workout, it’s a lifestyle.”
For more information: visit, like their Facebook page (COREiculum), or follow them on twitter @COREiculum