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"Local Summer" Feeling Is In The Air

(The Verge)- When most people think of September, they think of football, going back to school, and apple picking. However, for Monmouth University students and other Jersey Shore residents, this means less crowded beaches, and not having to pay for the beach. Even on a Tuesday in the middle of September, Pier Village is still crowded with people catching some rays and waves.
Many people say September is their favorite month because they finally have the beach to themselves.
Sophomore Mike Kulik is a Belmar resident. He says that the beach is empty, with only those “who live there year-round,” which makes it the ultimate time for locals to utilize the beach. One advantage of attending Monmouth is that in spare time between classes, students can enjoy the beach like other local residents.
For surfers, fall is one of their best times, because of the big waves, and less crowds. Kulik added, ” The surfing is great. You surf in the water in September, there’s no one there.” He also added that since there are no tourists, the spots tend to be more intimate, with surfers running into people they know.
Many towns also plan special events around September so that locals can still enjoy what their town has to offer after Labor Day. Down in Ocean County, Point Pleasant Beach recently held their seafood festival, which featured many vendors from all around the state. Seaside Heights also hosted a seafood festival the previous weekend.
Business owners that depend on the beach agree that September is very relaxing. Senior Steven Steger, Cape May resident and owner of Steger Beach Service, says that the summer “is very fatiguing both mentally and physically, because you are working every day in the hot sun.” For business owners, the summer can be very stressful at times. ”

 Although towns try to host events in the fall to bring the community and those from the area together, there is not much activity after September for beach and boardwalk businesses until the spring. Some businesses have to figure out what jobs they can find in the off season. Benny Go Home, a group that is dedicated to showing the true side of the Jersey Shore, says, “the only bad things is they [tourists] help local businesses.” Most of their incomes from those visitors from New York, North Jersey, and Pennsylvania that come down every summer. Most Jersey Shore businesses are only open for the summer, and for some, their business is a key source of income. However, some enjoy having the time to relax a little in the fall.

With October coming up, there is still some time to get outside and enjoy the nice weather. If you are not a big fan of the beach, there are plenty of parks in Monmouth County where you can hike, camp, kayak, and canoe. A list of them can be found on the Monmouth County Parks System web page. According to, the average high for mid to late September ranges in the middle 70′s, so it’s a good idea to get out and enjoy the gorgeous weather.

Local residents enjoy the beach without the flock of tourists.