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Hollywood Psychic Guest Post- NHL Finals Zodiac Prediction

(The Verge) – As the excitement of the NHL Finals has hockey fans crowding around the tube, flocking to the bar, filling our glasses and making predictions, we know that what happens on the ice is completely out of our control. Though the turn of events may have you closing your eyes and clutching your wallet, it’s to start making some educated predictions
Regardless of what team you root for there is one thing that remains certain: both the Bruins and the Blackhawks have exceptional talent and the future winner of the Stanley Cup still remains uncertain. In the meantime, to keep spirits high and morale even higher, it’s worth dropping some knowledge on your friends and counterparts, letting them know just who you think is going to win and backing that prediction up with some concrete astrological knowledge.  (Stats?! Pfft! Who needs ‘em!”?) Both teams have an equal chance of bringing the cup back to their home town but who will be the ultimate victor?
Blackhawks Astrological Profile
One of the most interesting aspects of the Chicago Blackhawks is that many of their top players, not to mention coach Joel Quenneville, are all born under the zodiac’s three earth signs: Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo. The phrase “down to earth” is highly applicable to the Blackhawks in that their abundance of Earth signs leaves them with a very stable, grounded presence.
At the helm of the Blackhawks sits head coach Quenneville. His analytical Virgo predispositions make him a natural for calling the shots and crafting the plays to propel his team forward. Even so, he’s got a great roster to work with.
Led by Jonathan Toews, the Blackhawks young center and captain stands a shining example to his team of the Taurean drive to succeed. Having previously been an instrumental force in the Blackhawks 2010 Stanley Cup win, Toews is the youngest player to join the Triple Gold Club.

Hollywood Psychics predict that the Blackhawks will falter the Bruins. Image taken from: 3.cdn.nhle.com

Another All-Star and top goal scorer is Marian Hossa. The Chicago Blackhawks rely heavily on this Capricorn, which is fortunate, given that Capricorn is considered to be one of the most reliable signs of the zodiac. A star throughout the season and a post-season warrior, this Capricorn has the ability to practice patience where others rush their skills. Typical of most Capricorns, Hossa is focused and principled, placing strong value in pursuing the best for himself and those around him.
The Capricorn presence on the Blackhawks (bolstered by goalie Corey Crawford and outstanding left wing Patrick Sharp) makes for a cohesive mentality which sees these teammates consistently on the same page, working as a well-oiled Zamboni slicing across the ice with a singular purpose in mind: To bring the Cup home to Chi Town!
Breaking Down the Bruins Zodiac Profile
Led by Captain and Defensemen Zdeno Chara, the Boston Bruins physical style of play continues to pin the Blackhawks offensive attack against the boards. Winning in overtime in Game 2 and shutting out the opponent in Game 3 has the Bruins feeling confident about their home ice advantage at the TD Garden—a place where they haven’t lost since the Eastern Conference Quarterfinal Round. With Chara serving as the general to Boston’s brick-wall defense, his adaptable Pisces intellect perennially puts him in an elusive positive both on and off the ice. Chara’s intuitive Piscean nature, he has supplied his teammates with the necessary guidance to push forwards towards triumph.
With series shifting in Boston’s favor with their Game 3 domination, it’s going to be tough to stop the Bruins train. Coming off a Game 1 loss in triple overtime, the Bruins have fired back with vengeance, taking full advantage of their aggressively sound offensive attack by sinking the opponent in Game 2 and 3.  Blanking the Blackhawks on home ice in the third game of the series has shown just how stellar their defensive play has been, behind the superb job of goalie Tuukka Rask who guards the net, providing a preternaturally aware presence in ensuring the opposition’s puck does not pass.
Prediction: The Bruins “will” take home the cup! Image taken from: cdn.bleacherreport.net

As Chara holds down the defense, Center man David Kejci continues to shine by putting the puck in the perfect place for his teammates.  Sinking 9 goals and 14 assists throughout his playoff explosion, this Taurus has been showing his dependability when his team needs it most. His zodiac sign is speaking true, as his bullish perseverance and strong will to win has propelled his team forward into a demanding situation.  Within the zodiac, Taurus is known for its indomitable spirit, leaving adversity in the dust to succeed in the highest realm, something that Kejci has done extremely well throughout the Bruins playoff run.
Like Chara in the Captain’s position has a fellow Piscean counterpart running defense, Kejci isn’t the only Taurus in a prime spot within the Bruins organization.  Coach Claude Julien is also a Taurus whose steady leadership has set the tone for the Bruins’ winning ways throughout the 2012-2013 season.
As always, Patrice “Bergy” Bergeron proves to be a solid weapon for the Bruins. The centerman frequently takes center stage – which isn’t out of the norm for his zodiac sign, the spotlight-craving Leo. The potent Pisces-Leo-Taurus dynamic of the Bruins makes them a force to be reckoned with.
Prediction: Bruins Bring the Cup Back to Boston
Coming off a Game 1 loss in triple overtime, the Bruins fired back with vengeance, taking full advantage of their aggressively sound offensive attack by sinking the opponent in Games 2 and 3.  Stealing home ice advantage will come heavily into play towards the latter part of the series and will prove to propel the Bruins towards their seventh Stanley Cup Title. While both teams have similar astrological profiles with a number of Earth signs rounding out their respective rosters, the more diverse element of Pisces and Leo in the mix gives them that intangible “wild card” element of unpredictability that will keep the Blackhawks guessing – and potentially coming up short. The outcome of Game 3 has shown just why the Bruins will battle their way to the top, to show their city and the fans of Boston just what success tastes like.
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