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Free Music Friday: Mad Moon Riot

(The Verge) – There are a lot of crappy bands releasing free music on the internet, but I’m thrilled to say that Mad Moon Riot is not one of them.
Though, I do have to say I’m slightly biased when a rock band has a female lead singer. There is just something particularly badass about a girl leading a bunch of dudes. So I’m already somewhat inclined to love the Los Angeles-based Mad Moon Riot and their first EP, “Make Me.”
Their front woman is Mia von Glitz, who already has her fair share of rock credit. She was a bassist for NYC punk band Shoot the Freak and sometimes plays in a female Guns N’ Roses cover band, Guns N’ Hoses (who are known to play The Stone Pony from time to time). She is joined by Pou Piam, a California guitarist, Matt Hitchens, a British bassist, and Ru Hazell, a British drummer.
Von Glitz has a pretty good voice, and her slight rasp makes her vocals perfect for rock music. However, Piam is the one who really shines on the EP. All five songs have crazy awesome guitar hooks. They’re fully worthy of some embarrassing headbanging in your car.

Group shot of the band. Image taken from: facebook.com/MadMoonRiot

Mad Moon Riot only left one note on their bandcamp page to accompany their album (a place others use for special thanks or to explain the concept of the album): “Play loud.” It’s the perfect tagline because that’s exactly the kind of EP “Make Me” is: a fun, loud album that’s fully deserving of your best air guitar playing.
“Running on Empty” is probably the catchiest of the five songs. It is being used as the first single, and the music video (directed by Rocco Guarino, who has directed music videos for Velvet Revolver and Scott Weiland) is currently in post-production. Von Glitz sings, “And I’m sick and tired of hearing you complain about it /Shoot down all advice and help from all around /Here’s one thought to think about/My patience for this patient has all worn out.” As the first track, it’s a strong introduction for the band and a great choice for the lead single. Most of the EP carries that same anger and frustration with just the right amount of the ‘I don’t give a crap’ attitude that is required on a rock album.
“Feels Like the Way” was the only song on the EP that wasn’t previewed on SoundCloud before release, but it’s a really great ending to the EP. While “Running on Empty” deals with the frustration of dealing with someone who won’t even accept help, “Feels Like the Way” gives up on someone toxic. It isn’t quite sadness that tinges Von Glitz voice when she sings, “Keep crawling with style, you get yours, I’ll get mine.” I think it’s that tough, sassy attitude that makes me admire female rockers like her.
That isn’t to say that only the bookends of “Make Me” are worth listening to, but they are the strongest. “Knock at the Door” and “Some Kind of Me” are definitely staples on my workout playlist, and “Tall Tales” takes a little bit of a blues turn with Hitchen’s cool bass line. It was unexpected but not unwelcome.
Whether you’re into straight up rock music or you just want to amp up your workout playlist, you should download “Make Me” from Mad Moon Riot’s bandcamp page. Did I mention it’s free?
For updates from Mad Moon Riot on their music and their upcoming video, follow them on Twitter and Facebook.
A look at the logo of the band whose EP is proving to be a nice addition to iPod playlists. Image taken from: facebook.com/MadMoonRiot