Outdoors Club Goes Whitewater Rafting

(The Verge)With Fall arriving and the temperatures dropping, Monmouth University’s Outdoors Club went on a whitewater rafting trip along the Hudson River at the end of September. During the trip, some of the trees were beginning to change colors. Although the weather was cool and damp, the group still had a great time in the woods.
This destination was a new one for Outdoors Club. In previous years, the club white water kayaked down the Lehigh River. However, the group was ready for a more exciting class of rapids. In some parts, the Hudson River featured class IV rapids. These rapids were very challenging at some points and Professor William Reynolds, advisor for the club, enjoyed rafting because “I enjoy being challenged to try things that I would not ordinarily do.”
There were also points during the trip where rafters were allowed to try some stunts. Senior Greg Cenicola, president of the Outdoors Club, said his favorite part of the trip was “riding the bull,” which was when one person rode in the front hanging on. Some students decided to jump from rocks in some of the calmer parts of the river.

Sophmore Mike Kulik jumps into the chilly water. Photo: Lauren Anderson

In addition to some intense rapids, a few members took part in a nighttime aerial challenge. This included walking across a tightrope, walking across an old bridge, and zip lining. Many members said that the course was challenging, but fun.
For some people, this was their first camping trip. Sophomores Kelly Hughes and Maggie Zelinka enjoyed their first camping trip together. “The white water rafting trip was an extremely memorable and overall an amazing experience,” said Hughes. “I met a handful of new people which turned into genuine friendships. Zelinka said, “It was my first time camping outdoors as well as my first Outdoors Club event but the club was very welcoming to newcomers and it felt safe to be in the woods with them.
The trip was not only open to current Monmouth University students, but to ODC alumni as well. Paul Mandala, 2010 graduate and founder of Outdoors Club, said, “Today I am excited to say that the club has thrived. We have a great core of super active and excited members as well as who just want to try different things out.”
The Outdoors Club enjoyed a weekend filled with adventure high in the Adirondack Mountains. Although it did rain during the majority of the trip, Outdoors Club did not let that damper their plans. The group enjoyed some quality time together and enjoyed being out in the woods.