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Monmouth Graduate Enters Comic Book Field with Self-Published

Point Pleasent Beach, NJ (November 19th, 2012)- Earning his MBA from Monmouth University in August 2011, Brian Joseph Blackmon has complimented the knowledge he learned in the classroom with a lifetime fascination with the comic book industry to produce his new comic book Neptune City-Saturn Town and the Different People.
 According to Mr. Blackmon, “The main reason I decided to major in business was to allow me to gain a better understanding of the commercial side of art, the realities of what it really takes to make a project like Neptune City-Saturn Town and the Different People, which I’ve worked on for most of my life, a reality.”
Neptune City-Saturn Town and the Different People serves as a continuation of Brian Blackmon’s “Neptune City-Saturn Town” cartoon feature which was serialized in Monmouth University’s newspaper The Outlook from 2007 to 2010. Experimental in its use of word and image, the main theme of the present work involves the budding relationship taking place between the youthful Beatnik Fox and Fashion Fox. As Mr. Blackmonstates, “It is really a story about true love.”
Copies of the 72 page Neptune City-Saturn Town and the Different People can be ordered directly from Brian Blackmon for $5.50 each (includes shipping). Please send check or money order to:
 Brian Blackmon
P.O. Box 1438
Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742.
 For more information contact:
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