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"Idöl Threat" Celebrates First Album Release

(The Verge) – Criminal Justice majors can rock out, and Robbie Reiner is proving it. The sophomore’s rock band, Idöl Threat, will be releasing their first album, Blood Bröthers, on May 31.
Reiner said his love of music started at home. “I come from a musical family. My mom used to sing to me and play flute, and my dad played guitar. I always had my eyes on his guitar since I could remember,” Reiner said.
Car rides with Bruce Springsteen and Journey cassettes influenced Reiner to pick up the guitar at six years old. Reiner has also taught himself keyboard, bass and numerous other instruments.
A true front man, Reiner plays guitar and sings for Idöl Threat. His brother, Pat, plays drums while Brian DeSeno plays bass.
Reiner is also a songwriter. Though he has only been singing for two years, Renier said he realized he was the only one who could be the singer. Reiner said, “I always used to sing to myself in my bedroom. When my band was being created, I realized that there were not too many singers out there, and who could sing the songs that I write better than myself?”
His song ideas come from all over the place, but they always relate to his life. Reiner explained, “Usually, my songs are about my own life experiences. My song “Blood Bröthers” is about some of the struggles that my band goes through as a young, do-it-yourself rock band. We work really hard and we have to do everything on our own—literally everything. Every day in the band is a learning experience. It’s all about putting your thoughts and heart down on paper and watching it grow.”

Idol Threat, from left to right: Brian DeSeno (Bass), Robbie Reiner (Guitar/Vocals), & Pat Reiner (Drums). Photo courtesy of: Robbie Reiner.

With idols like The Beatles’ George Harrison and Eric Clapton, it isn’t surprising that Idöl Threat is a rock band. Reiner said, “Idöl Threat’s original music has a retro rock feel with a modern edge. Our unique sound comes from our many different influences. We’re influenced by many of the classic rock artists, like The Beatles, but also by some newer artists, like the Stone Temple Pilots. We all have our own unique styles that we bring to the table and the collaboration of them make our sound.”
Idöl Threat has played all over New Jersey, including local hangouts such as The Stone Pony and Brighton bar. “The running joke is that Idöl Threat has performed at every seedy bar in Monmouth County…We are always playing and looking for opportunities. We will be performing at several beach concert series this summer,” Reiner said.
The band, which was formed over two years ago, will be playing a lot this summer to promote their first album. The record drops on May 31 and will be available via iTunes and their website, www.theIdolThreat.com.
Reiner is excited for the show. He said, “I would love for everyone to come to our Record Release Party on May 31st at the Sea Girt Lanes in Wall, NJ. It starts at 7PM, with performances by ourselves, local reggae band From The Ground and local rock band The Unexpected. It’s only $5 to get in and it comes with a free game of bowling. It’s gonna be a great night of local music and bowling.”
For more on Idöl Threat, check out their website, their YouTube channel and  their facebook.