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Overalls: From Farm-wear to Fall Trend

(The Verge) – Overalls.  The very word conjures memories of a jarringly bright purple corduroy pair that I was forced into as a child.  They were truly an offense to fashion.  But as of this past summer overalls are back in a big way and with a new level of sophistication.  And while the reincarnation of the overall can largely be attributed to quirky fashion blogger Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller, known for her adoration of overalls, even incorporating them into the cover of her latest book, “Seeking Love. Finding Overalls”, designers and sartorialists alike have come to embrace the trend.
I’ll admit, I was hesitant when I first found that overalls were making a comeback.  After all, farm-wear does not typically translate into fashion.  However, it only took trying on one pair to realize how completely wrong I was.  I jumped on the overall bandwagon and have yet to look back!
My secrets for embracing this trend…?  It’s all about the fit.  If you are going to be so bold as to don this denim look, opt for a more fitted pair of overalls.  A slimmer fit elongates the leg, making you appear taller and thinner as opposed to the shortening effect that frumpier, wide-leg pairs can have.  In addition, I would suggest choosing a pair in a darker wash.  Dark washes tend to be the most flattering and tend to have an added level of sophistication, transition well from day to night, formal to casual.

Overalls, though brashly considered “farm-wear” in the past few decades, have become a welcome new attire for fashionistas. Image taken from:

Styling is also key when dealing with overalls.  I love the juxtaposition of traditionally masculine attire such as overalls and ultra feminine pieces.  It creates a tension in the styling that leads to a truly unique look.  I suggest pairing overalls with a high heel and a fitted crop top.  You’re completely covered in denim; it’s ok to show a little skin.  Toss your hair in a messy topknot and swipe on a bold lip and you will look like you just stepped off the runway at New York Fashion week, rather than the cornfield at Farmer Brown’s.
As off-putting as overalls may seem, I urge you, give them a try.  Embrace the trend my fellow fashionistas.  Viva la overalls!