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Monmouth Welcomes Women's Club Lacrosse

WEST LONG BRANCH, NJ- Chix with stix at Monmouth will now have a new team to play on, as the University welcome the newest addition to its club team roster, the Women’s Lacrosse Club Team. This will be the eighth club sport Monmouth offers for students, others include, Ice Hockey, Dance Team, Men’s and Women’s Soccer, Baseball, Softball, and Sailing.
The club is in the works, but it is having some help from the Men’s Club Team, which was established in the 2009-2010 season and is lead by Coach Jerry Dohn. The boys club team is helping the girls run fundraisers, organize games, and get the word out to possible players.

Photo courtesy of Jessica Kavanagh.

“Teaming up with the boy’s team is great,” Club member, Samantha Bastone said. “They’ve been helping us out by sharing their field time for practice which is awesome.”
The Women’s Lacrosse Club Team recently held a fundraiser at Bubbakoos to help get their team off the ground. “We partnered up with the Men’s Club Lacrosse team and raised money for both clubs,” Club member, Samantha Bastone said. “Turnout was not large and we encourage our peers to help out more in the future.” The funds that are raised will be going to the clubs funding for things like games, equipment, and travel expenses.
The club hopes to get girls of any experience level to come out and join the team. The club does not provide equipment at this time, but with fundraising, they hope to help with these purchases in the near future.
There are no tryouts for this club; anyone who would like to join is welcome. “We do ask members to actively participate and attend as many practices and games as possible,” Bastone said. The club encourages people with little to no experience and also advanced players to come out and join.
The club lacrosse team hopes to play neighboring schools, like Rutgers, to get them started and as the program grows they would like to expand their horizons. Bastone said about playing schools like Rutgers, “It will definitely be a challenge since we are a new team, but I think it will help improve our skills throughout the season.”

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