I work hard so my horse could have a good life

Horseback riding is known as the king sport for a reason. It is a very expensive sport to say the least and us equestrians know we have to budget our costs in order to maintain this beautiful activity. We know that the initial cost of buying show jumpers is not as expensive as boarding in most cases. We have to sacrifice certain things and prioritize. They are basically our children.

I spend all my money on my horse now and I do not have a single problem with it. I used to buy a lot of makeup, A LOT. I would love doing my makeup and I would do it every day. That was my hobby and a very expensive one at that. When I would go to the barn about 2 years ago, I even did my make up then. That habit quickly faded and I know now that it is unnecessary to wear makeup at a barn. Not to mention, the more time I spend at the barn, the more comfortable I become in my own skin. I would also save up to buy luxury handbags and luxury clothing. I don’t even remember the last time I walked into a makeup store. All my money goes towards my horse.

It’s funny, I don’t have any kids but I understand why parents put their children first. I never understood what this kind of love felt like. All I wanna do is make sure that my gelding is cared for, is loved, and is comfortable. That’s why I haven’t bought a thing for myself since I bought him. If I do, it is purchasing saddle pads and show breeches. I buy everything for Ziggy and I don’t regret anything.

There’s a picture on Instagram that says “I work hard so my horse can have a good life.” I can relate to this a lot and I’m sure a lot of others too. Before you know it, we were asking for new hoof picks and stirrup leathers for Christmas instead of concert tickets to One Direction. Priorities.