Monmouth Parking: A $50,000 Nightmare
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Monmouth Parking: A $50,000 Nightmare

At Monmouth, the amount of enrolled students is rising. The University is accepting more students, and more currently enrolled students, such as myself, aren’t graduating on time. As we stay…

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The Legalization of Buying Power

Allowing the Citizen United campaign strategy to be applied has created an open door for changing the platform of the participants who are running. The campaign changed the financial rules that potential candidates have to follow, allowing them to have outside financial support.

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The Normalization of Mass Shootings

Mass murder or “mass shooting”, is a problem that has been recurring in America loosely tied to issues such as gun control and mental illness. This isn’t an article about gun control, gun accessibility, xenophobia, or mental illness. This is an article about how America has allowed itself to become desensitized and apathetic to the issue of mass shootings.

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