Deer Charges Through Glass Door at Monmouth Mall

Image and photo credit taken from: APP Online

The later hours of Monday morning brought quite a stir to the Monmouth Mall when an unexpected visitor stopped by.
A two-year-old, wayward deer charged through a glass door at the “mall split” entrance. “It just stopped at first, but then it charged and ran through the glass door,” explained Christian Pierre, 23, of Long Branch after witnessing the scene. “The deer slipped on the marble floor a little bit, but then he ran into Journeys,” Pierre added.
After the hard-headed buck made quite the surprise entrance, he made his way into the shoe store, Journey’s, just across the way from Hollister Co. “I had just opened the doors to the store, and I was at the computer when this six-point buck just came right in the store and charged at me,” explained store manager Tom Bisogne, 27, of Edison, who had just taken over the reins of the store on Thursday. “He charged at himself in the mirror several times and just turned toward me. He came through like a freight train,” Bisogne said.
Finally, the Fish & Wildlife team came to rescue the distraught animal by blocking him in using a table, and then tranquilizing the deer, for everyone’s safety. According to the team, it is not uncommon for the deer to have such uncanny behaviors during these fall months, which is their mating season.
As it comes closer to the holidays, we know malls will start getting more crowded, lets just hope that wildlife steers clear!

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