Hip-Hop Royalty has a Baby!

On January 7th, 2011 the world welcomed baby girl Blue Ivy Carter. The proud parents are hip-hop legend Jay-Z and pop super-star Beyonce. This is the couple’s first child together.
Jay-Z just recently produced a song about Blue Ivy titled, “Glory” that even features his daughter crying. The lyrics alone show how ecstatic the new father is.
A shocking revelation revealed in “Glory” was that Beyonce once suffered a miscarriage; something the public never knew. “Last time the miscarriage was so tragic. We was afraid you disappeared but nah baby, you magic.”
Many are wondering what does the baby’s name stand for. Crazy speculations such as it is an anagram for “Eulb Yvi” which means”Lucifer’s daughter” in Latin or that it stands for “Born Living Under Evil.”
Regardless of what the unique name may mean. I am extremely happy for the power couple’s new addition to their family with the birth of Blue Ivy Carter.