Speed roommating

Looking for a roommate? Instead of seeking out potential roommates from friends, co-workers, and people in your social network, think outside the box with speed roommating.
We are all familiar with the term speed dating, but speed roommating is taking us by storm. The popular trend is popping up all over, with a strong emphasis in New York City. It offers a safe, fun and comfortable environment to meet potential roommates. When I first heard of this I was intrigued, but when you sit down and really think about it, the whole idea is ludacris.
How effective will this tool end up being? Personally, I would not be able to find a roommate by merely meeting them and going off that initial interaction. Living with someone is hard enough, and then you have to factor in outside circumstances that you have no control over. Are you an earlier riser, while they are a night owl? Are they social and you more of an introvert? While everyone would have certain criteria to bring up on their checklist, not every item will be remembered and covered prior to signing that lease.
With speed roommating may work for some, I do not feel as though it will be a good fit for the masses. Take into consideration the world that we currently live in. Crazy news stories clog our televisions, the internet and radio on a daily basis. Your potential roommate could be a serial killer and you would not know until it was too late. I would definitely think twice before moving in with a complete stranger. Individuals will need to decide for themselves whether speed roommating will work for them or not. Only time will tell with whether or not this is a successful venture.
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