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Get Healthy and Fit by Spring Break!

(The Verge) – News flash: Spring break is in less than two weeks!
With swimsuit season coming up in our near future, you may be stressing about how to get your body in shape. Do not fall into the quick fix diet scams that tell you, “you can lose weight super fast by taking a pill, eating or not eating this or that!!” You may lose weight in the short term, but you will end up gaining it all back (and then some more).
You can adopt healthy lifestyle changes to become more fit and comfortable with your body by the time spring comes around. Put on your old swimsuit, apply some suntan lotion, and read how to improve your fitness and eating habits as we transition into warmer weather!

Image taken from: Break Now

Even if you are not going away for spring break, you still have time to get in shape for you. Do it to make yourself look and feel good! Confidence comes from the inside, but it doesn’t hurt to look healthy and fit on the outside.

So are you in for the fitness challenge?

Challenge yourself to change via fit sugar

I am a big advocate of yoga and working out. Instead of rambling about my personal opinion (yawn), I have reached out to others, including fitness bloggers, reputable websites, and fitness friends/instructors to receive some helpful advice. Everyone I have informally interviewed stressed the importance of working out in their daily, active lives.
The first person I was really excited to talk to is Nicole, Miss Pumps & Iron herself (click on the link to read her “About me”). Interestingly, Nicole started Pumps & Iron after years of making up her own workouts. She says, “it dawned on me that it could be really cool to share them with others.” 

Plank Workout via Glamour

You may have seen Nicole’s pictures from her Pumps & Iron blog posts on Pinterest in many “Motivation,” “Workout” or other fitness related boards. She is an advocate for “no excuses” workouts that require very little – no equipment. You can do most of her workouts in the comfort of your own room.
The 6 move plank workout (displayed above) should be held for 20 seconds. Repeat the entire 2-minute circuit 3 times, allowing yourself a 30-second break in between each round. Note: You can increase or decrease the interval length depending on your level of fitness.
Nicole shares, “The most important trick to staying healthy and in-shape is to find any workout that you actually enjoy doing. This will make it feel less like a chore and soon exercise will be something you look forward to everyday.” Exercise SHOULD be something that you look forward to. It should make you feel good and release those happy endorphins.

How could I talk about fitness without also mentioning the importance of eating well? If you want to get bangin’ shape, you must eat well! The quote, “30% Gym and 70% Diet… Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym” reminds us that eating well is the most essential part to achieving your hottest bod. There is a lot of truth to it, if you work out consistently and eat junk food all the time, you will not achieve the toned, chiseled look you may so desire.
Image taken from: Blogspot
Even though proper nutrition and food has been proven to be the most effective way to lose weight, exercise should not be ignored. Physical exercise and any exertion that lifts your heart rate will speed up your metabolism. Personally, exercise motivates me to eat well. I never want to eat ice cream or cookies after a successful workout! The BEST food combo after a workout is a mix of PROTEIN and CARBS. Protein for the muscle building, and complex carbs for energy. My favorite snacks to eat after a workout are celery and peanut butter or pita chips and hummus. What do you like to eat after a hard work out? Choose healthy foods.
Instead of “Live, love, laugh” my new mantra is “Health, fitness, & happiness.” Spread the love for fitness with your friends, family, and classmates. Motivate your friends by setting up times in your schedule to go for a walk or run outside or at the gym. Start working out and eating well today to make YOU look and feel your best by spring! Also, Check out my Facebook page: Vivi e impara for daily inspiration.
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Feel free to comment and share your favorite workouts in the comments section!
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