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Album Review: Dirty South's Speed of Life

(The Verge) – Dragan Roganovic, better known by his stage name “Dirty South,” released his first official album last month. While the so called “edm” movement has taken the world by storm over the past few years, Roganovic released his first official album titled “Speed of Life.” The ten track album showcased Roganovic’s talent, innovation, and character. While he has been known for popular original tracks such as “Rift” and remixes like Miike Snow’s “Devil’s Work,” the album is something that fans can truly appreciate.
Track 1-Gods (feat. Ruben Haze)
The fist track on the album opens peacefully before a combination of melodic but catchy beats temporarily takes over. The sound continues until the track slows down and Ruben Haze’s vocals take over. Then, the vocals lead back into the track’s original sound. The calm, yet moving breakdown eventually leads to the songs end for a truly euphoric original.
Track 2-Super Sounds
The song opens energetically with a dance central feel. It quickly develops into a catchy and fairly heavy bass line. The track continues, combining the opening dance feel with the underlying bass line which created a really pulsating effect. A quick break in the middle led to an epic build up before releasing a powerful, but enchanting combination of sound. A real feel good song that is sure to keep the party going.
Track 3-Until The End (feat. Joe Gil)
This is arguably the best track on the album. Guitar sounds and Joe Gil’s vocals give the song a relaxing opening before Roganovic drops a sound that makes the listener feel like they could be in seventh heaven. Pure ecstasy. Gil’s vocals return for the second half of the song before Roganovic’s signature sound comes again. It’s tracks like this that have made the Serbian born producer so successful. I’m also pretty sure this song is playing as you make your way to heaven. Yes, God could very well be an edm fan, I said it.
Track 4-Champions

The label to the highly-anticipated new album by Dirty South. Image taken from: weallhitplay.com

Okay, all the happy euphoric stuff thus far has been great, but Champions changes the game. The song opens with an absolutely smashing bass line. This is the kind of bass that could blow out an ear drum or too, but I suppose you get used to it if you’re that into the music. “Champions” continues with a slightly more intense pace, before suddenly breaking down into a calm melody with what sounds like a heart beat in the background. Surely enough, the song picks itself back up and delivers another devastating bass line. The song end with a clever piano outro. It’s sure to fire up the avid house music aficionado.
Track 5-Sunrise
“Sunrise” is like anything on the album to this point. It opens peacefully, before giving way to some slow, but clever kicks. The track really doesn’t change too much throughout its course. It feels like something you want to listen to when you wake up in the morning to be honest. Overall, its tranquility makes for an enjoyable piece of music.
Track 6-Your Hear (feat. Joe Gil)
House music haters may generally argue that the music is obnoxious. Not this song. Not this time. Joe Gil’s exceptional vocals return for this track. It opens with another calm and melodic feel. Gil’s vocals make this song truly beautiful. For four minutes and nine seconds, Gil’s vocals and Roganovic’s melodic beats calm the listener creating a sense of nirvana.
Track 7-Reset
Well, enough of the soft stuff for now. “Reset” is one that gets people moving and puts feet on the dance floor. The song opens with lots of energy on top a steady bass line. Then, it slows down momentarily before creating energy to get people moving. It’s big room anthems like this that have grown so popular with mainstream fans.
Track 8-Something Like You (feat. Rudy)
This track is also in contention for the album’s best, or at least it should be. Rudy’s vocals being the track without any other noise. It brings the listener in immediately. Then, Roganovic’s signature sounds blended with Rudy’s vocal equates to another anthem like drop. High pitched with a deep bass line, the sound created is truly rapturous. Rudy’s vocals return again as the song leads to another Dirty South like drop. The track is a masterpiece and a culmination of Roganovic’s true talent.
Track 9-Sunset
Ironic, eh? First a track called “Sunrise”, and now one called “Sunset” near albums end. The calm piano sounds blended with a smooth bass line make for a track that seems to slow time. The track has an old school feel to it, one not known by the modern day mainstream listener. However, it’s so relaxing that the song isn’t just for edm fans–it’s for fans of music. If you need a song to just kick back and relax, look no further.
Track 10-Speed of Life
Rounding out the album is what is the most complete song of the album. You can almost feel the nine other songs combined to create one epic. The slow beginning felt in several of his tracks like “Sunrise” and “Sunset” open the song. The soft melodies we’ve come to know build into a more intense sound before finally releasing a thumping bass line accompanied by energetic leads. No vocals in this track, but I think it is for good reason. Roganovic has been making music for years, and this track signifies what he has been through throughout the creation of the album–slow times like, plane rides, and crazy moments, maybe when playing on stage. By the time the album concludes, the listener gets not just a feel for what Roganovic can do, but what many different ways a song can go.
Final rating: 9/10