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Mike Rice Fired By Rutgers

(The Verge) – In a stunning development first reported on ESPN’s Outside the Lines, Rutgers coach Mike Rice has been fired by the university following graphic video footage of him verbally and physically abusing players.
The videos show Rice throwing basketballs at players’ feet and sometimes their head after making a mistake at practice. The footage also shows Rice verbally assaulting players with gay slurs while also spewing profanity for all to hear. The worst of the abuse was on display showing Rice actually kicking a player after he witnessed the athlete doing something he did not like. To kick a player on your team is one of the lowest forms of abuse by a coach that has been caught on tape. Incidences like this are a rare occurrence, and have not surfaced since prior incidences with coaches Bobby Knight, well-known for his outbursts and mix-ups with players, and recently Coach Mike Montgomery of the University of California who pushed a player during a timeout.
The issue with Rutgers is that Rice had been suspended three games earlier for conduct that was detrimental to the team.

Mike Rice, recently fired from Rutgers, is taking even more flack now that the videos of his abuses have gone viral. Image taken from: extras.mnginteractive.com

The conduct? The video footage was released on Outside the Lines this week. That means that Rice was suspended the three games for the aforementioned incidences that were released on tape. Not until the footage entered the public eye did Rutgers University feel enough pressure to fire Rice. That is a disgrace that Rutgers did not fire Rice on the spot after viewing the abusive footage.
Putting your hands on your players is something that has no place in college athletics. Coaches in the pros can also be disciplined for abusing players; but here we are talking about kids. College athletes. Hopefully Mike Rice’s coaching days are over because the footage that has been released to the public is inexcusable no matter what your profession is.
For those who have not seen the footage, visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52YIen9A_dc