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Syria's Slip Toward Anarchy




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(The Verge) – The Assad regime in Syria is coming across even further scrutiny in recent days, as it’s been uncovered that it may have used chemical weapons on its own people. The resistance has also triggered multiple bombings on strategic regime sites, and 159 people were killed on Monday, alone.

President Obama is up to speed with the overseas-debacle, and has pledged not to call any action yet, as facts are still coming in about Bashar al-Assad’s tactics in the Syrian Civil War

 A bombing on Tuesday in Damascus killed a further 13 people and injured dozens more, and Prime Minister Wael al-Haqi survived an assassination attempt yesterday when his convoy passed through an upscale neighborhood. One of his bodyguards was killed, along with five others, but the destructive event lifted a few more eyebrows in Washington.

 Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel denied comment on specific plans that the U.S. is taking in regards to Syrian intervention, but Pentagon officials are maintaining that the nation will be ready for all sorts of contingent possibilities.

 The intervention may come in the form of cruise missiles based at sea and fighter jets, instead of an all-out ground force. But, if President Obama feels the need to call on his ground troops, this could be an exercised option, especially if he sees Assad has blatantly aimed to kill his people with chemical weapons.

Pictured here is yet another devastated building from the Syrian rebellion. Image taken from:

 Hagel and the rest of the Defense Department have been in a hurry to come up with certain options, but each meets fierce military challenges. Sources believe that the regime has began moving their chemical stockpiles, so Joint Chief of Staff General, Martin Dempsey, has said that even with military intervention, it may be difficult to pin-down all of the weapon sources.

There were talks in Congress about different routes to take with Syria, but the Defense Department-talks have been independent of that, as they try to come up with the best scenarios to protect the American people, the Syrian civilians and refugees who have flocked to Jordan and Turkey.

These escalated tensions have also come at a strenuous time for U.S. foreign relations, as Kim Jong-Un and North Korea have struck fear in people across the world with their talks of nuclear missile launches and strict cut-down on civilian travel within the country.

But Hagel has been put to the test only months into his term as Defense Secretary, as North Korean threats and Syrian travesties have caused Americans to look on in disbelief. However, there is reason to believe that the Syrian dilemma may be lessened with a little drudgery from Russian President, Vladimir Putin.  

The longstanding ally of Syria, Russia may have what it takes to convince Assad to step down, although he’s held strongly to his claim as premier, since the Arab Spring, killing opposition members and civilians alike.

Bashar al-Assad (above) decked out in military clothing. Image taken from:

Russia may be just as ticked off as the US, because a recent Russian charter flight over Syria was threatened by forces on the ground. Apparently, land-to-air missiles were fired at the Russian plane, but it had no damage and landed safely Kazan, Russia.  

The dismal Putin had a phone call with Obama about the matter, and the U.S. President said that the events are seriously “raising concern.” Obama is falling under a lot of pressure for the Syrian nightmare because about a year ago, he pledged that any use of chemical weapons would draw a serious red flag from the government. Now that its rumored these weapons were used, Obama has remained collective, waiting for more facts to roll in.

The attack on the Prime Minister was not the only serious attempt on a high ranking official’s life in recent months. In July, a bomb killed Syria’s defense & deputy-defense ministers, and injured the interior minister.

The Assad regime has called the attacks “cowardly,” but they still shy away from ending the violence even as hundreds of thousands flee the country in fear.

 With 159 people dying in one day in the Middle Eastern country, it’s disparaging to guess what sort of further violence lurks right around the bend…Bashar al-Assad has become a ruthless leader and the opposition is resorting to all sorts of bloodshed to take him out. It’s safe to say that the American response to this is one hoping for little of this bloodshed to affect U.S. soldiers, journalists or any freeman in the Middle Eastern landscape.