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The Soap Opera Known as Alex Rodriguez

(The Verge) – Over the past few months, Alex Rodriguez has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. The Biogenesis clinic, his rehab assignments, and possible suspensions have been closely associated with his name.
The past week took the cake, though. Now, it seems like things are getting personal with Rodriguez and General Manager Brian Cashman. Here’s how its unfolded, and what it all means…
(This is coming from a life long Mets fan, so getting to watch this drama unfold from an unbiased eye will give you a clear picture of what’s really going down). 
First, Ryan Braun was suspended for the rest of the season. He was the first big name to be linked with biogenesis that received a suspension. Numerous reports indicated that A-rod’s suspension would soon follow. Rodriguez has not been suspended yet, and claims he is healthy and ready to play.
After completing his rehab stint, a Yankees physician (Christopher Ahmad) told Rodriguez he had a mild quad injury and will need to go on another 5 game rehab assignment. Here’s the catch: A-rod doesn’t really have a quad injury. GM Brian Cashman, in all likely-hood, told the doctor to create a phantom injury to keep Rodriguez off the field. Why? A-rod is aging, not half the player he once was, and a clubhouse distraction. The Yankees don’t want to pay him, and are hoping the suspension he faces will allow them to claim insurance on the remainder of Rodriguez’s contract and save the team a large portion of his remaining 4 years and $96 million he is still owed. Most importantly, the Yankees are doing all they can to stall until MLB decides to suspend A-rod.

The dilemma is only escalating between the two, who don’t seem to be eye to eye. Image taken from: l3.yimg.com

Rodriguez then went to get a second opinion on his quad from another orthopedist Michael Gross, who believes A-rod is ready to play. The Yankees claimed he had no clearance to seek a second medical opinion and are considering taking action. Why did Rodriguez seek a second opinion without the Yankees permission? Because the Yankees probably wouldn’t have allowed him to see another doctor and Rodriguez knows that.
The lack of trust between the two sides is growing. It’s also quite evident, after this past week’s interview between Rodriguez and radio host Mike Francesa. When asked if he trusted the Yankees, Rodriguez stated, “I’d rather not get into that.”
Now, numerous media reports have claimed that Rodriguez will soon be suspended for life unless he takes some sort of deal from MLB. It is not official yet, but the short rehab assignment A-rod is on means more games he will be playing away from the major league level.
This is all a shame. A-rod being linked with PED’s again is obviously damaging for his reputation and the credibility of Major League Baseball. However, the Yankees offense has struggled so much this season, they could use A-rod’s bat in the lineup. But they are more concerned with getting out of the near $100 million they owe Rodriguez. It’s going to be an ugly, ugly end for one side, maybe even both. But for the the next few weeks, we will wait, as only time can tell.
A photo of the escalating strife between Alex Rodriguez and Yankees General Manager, Brian Cashman. Image taken from: newyork.cbslocal.com
A photo of the escalating strife between Alex Rodriguez and Yankees General Manager, Brian Cashman. Image taken from: newyork.cbslocal.com