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Nature and Terror

The Verge presents, an original poem by Shawn McBride: 

Smiling one minute, frowning the next.

It’s like watching your favorite team winning the moment then losing the game.

But this is life’s pain; you can’t out run it.

It comes faster and faster, a real natural disaster.

What began as usual has now made you delusional.

Your once stable ground has come crumbling down.

Family and friends are lost in the shuffle with no chance for rebuttal.

A warning came but it was far too late.

It was a bigger cover up then Watergate.

The area was engulfed on this day.

It became obvious it would sweep me to my grave.


What’s that from a far?

I can’t see it.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Oh yes, it’s a plane. It’s a….

Coming right at them and never saw it coming.

Deadly it was. A city stunned. A nation captivated.

It was a scene right out of a movie but in actuality this was our reality.

It left everyone with wounds that will never quite heal.

Once stood tall now only symbols ruins.

Attention these villains wanted, attention it brought.

Thousands were killed for their unobtainable goal.

God have no mercy on those evil souls.

Try they did to destroy our spirit.

What’s great?

They didn’t.