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Sun-Kissed: Healthy Ways to Achieve a Tan

(The Verge) – As the seasons change and the sun shines less and less, people often find themselves missing their glowing summer skin. Tanning has swept the nation in recent years as a way for people to get dark, summer skin all year round; but there is one major health risk that is associated with tanning: skin cancer. Going tanning in a lay-down or stand-up tanning bed can increase your chances of getting skin cancer greatly, but there are numerous alternative methods to receiving the same summer skin without the health risks.
Spray Tanning
Spray tanning’s popularity has gone up in recent years because of the health risks that have been discovered in association to traditionally tanning in a bed. Spray tanning can be done using an airbrush gun or by going into a shower-like room that sprays automatically. This is a safer method due to the fact that one’s skin is not exposed to damaging ultraviolet rays. This is often more expensive than traditional tanning, but presents less heath risks as well.
At-Home Bronzing Lotions/Sprays 
There are numerous at-home tanning treatments that are easy and safe to use. Brands such as Neutrogena, Jergens, and Aveeno make self-tanning lotions and sprays that are very affordable, usually between eight and ten dollars. Although these are less expensive, they usually require multiple applications and a specific drying time in order to avoid a blotchy or smudged tan.
Accepting Your Natural Skin
Many people prefer to be tan instead of being pale, but being content with your natural skin costs nothing and presents no health risks. A little bit of moisturizer can give the same healthy glow as time spent in a tanning booth.
The risks of tanning in a bed that omits ultraviolet rays are extremely high, but if achieving a tan is absolutely necessary, one can choose an alternative method to protect their health and keep their skin in healthy condition.
So maybe, just maybe, when we see an overly-scorched person strutting through the tanning salon, we can warn them too of the health risks—and dare I say, provide some other options.
A look at our newest menace--the tanning booth. Image taken from: uofmhealthblogs.org.

A look at our newest menace–the tanning booth. Image taken from: uofmhealthblogs.org.