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Krewella Takes Over Pier 94 in NYC

(The Verge) – Krewella took over Pier 94’s “Pier of Fear” this past Halloween as they showed off their new album Get Wet to a huge New York City Crowd. The  event that also featured Gareth Emery, Seven Lions, Candyland, and
 Cash Cash.
Krewellas album has been in the works for a while and has used tracks ‘Live For the Night’ and ‘Alive’ to propel it to commercial success on the radio. These have certainly done the trick as the album has spent six weeks on the charts peaking at number one for Billboard Dance Albums. Upon the release of the new album, the triple threat has began their nation wide tour that will return to the north east with a Dec. 28 show at Bader Field in Atlantic City, N.J.

Image taken from musicyouneed.net.

So, the album has been killing it, the numbers don’t lie, but how would this triple threat perform live, one may ask? Well, to be honest, Krewella absolutely was killin’ it–as their song also states. However, there were many times that it became nearly impossible to enjoy the show. This was because of the volume level, specifically the bass; it was turned down far to low. In past experiences at this venue– shows such as Afrojack and Steve Aoki–the music was so loud that your could feel the floor shaking all the way to the bathrooms.

During the Krewella set, one fan said, “Yo dude, I was worried the show was over, in the back around the corner it was completely silent.” Granted, there may have been some ‘noise code’ that the venue needed to follow for a weekday show, but still,  it was just unacceptable to deny the crowd the opportunity to feel alive with a hard hitting bass.
The crowd in general just didn’t seem right. Many people appeared to be out of place and were dressed like they were going to a Brittney Spears concert instead of the traditional insanity that emerges from the closets EDM concert frequenters. These people were also just not dancing and overall, gave the show an odd vibe.  This type of behavior was present both in the crowd’s rear, near the VIP section, and even front and center. Strange, no?

Front and Center
Image taken from: musicyouneed.net.

Still, through the thick and thin of constraints and a silent crowd, Krewella was able to prove just why they are one of the biggest artists in the genre today.
Every EDM artist these days combines the lyrics with the beats and drops, yet Krewella is one of the only groups that can  do it in such a fluid manner live. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget; Jahan Yousaf and Yasmine Yousaf can actually sing, too!  (Yes, it is truly a pleasant surprise. And, if you did not get to experience these vocals, click on this link to their Acoustical Performance of ‘Alive’.)
Krewella Vocals
Image taken from: musicyouneed.net.

The last piece of Krewells’s ‘three-headed monster,’ is Rainman, who completely tore it up on Halloween, working perfectly with his two beautiful female vocalists. The drops in songs such as ‘We go Down’ , ‘Come and Get It’ , ‘Killin’ It’ and ‘This is Not the End’ show off his influence from Skrillex as dubstep and hardcore electric beats come out in brilliant form.
On the other hand, ‘Live for the Night’, ‘Alive’, ‘We are One’ , and ‘Ring of Fire’ show off a true house side that reminded me a bit of Calvin Harris who played the Pier of Fear the weekend before. The sound of Krewella covers so much that it is truly impossible for most to not enjoy at least a portion of the show, and if you like to dance then it’s a guarantee that you will be moving the entire time, and through every neat drop.
Krewella was able to bring the pier to capacity, essentially on their two radio hits ‘Live for the Night’ and ‘Alive’. These songs respectively opened and closed the show. However, they were very different from the rest of the album–being two pop hits. Now, that’s not a knock on Krewella, but rather just an interesting point, helping listeners note how they have set the bar so high in different genres (both dance and pop music), and are attracting listeners from all sorts of crowds.
Candyland. Image taken from: musicyouneed.net.

Pier 94’s light show was impressive all the way through, as always, and the warehouse was transformed into a scenic, captivating display of confetti and bubble.
One very big surprise was Candyland, which was probably the perfect ending for a show like this. They were fantastic, playing throwbacks and mixing in their own tunes so perfectly that the majority of the crowd stuck around until closing time at 4 a.m.
Krewella is a hot artist as of now, and the group certainly proved they deserve that classification, as they put on an excellent show.  Now, imagine how heightened that acclaim would be if the whole crowd was involved and the music was bumping! Just some food for thought.

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  1. Can we get any love for Gareth Emery? Obviously Krewella were the headliners, but Emery is a huge name and has headlined plenty of his own shows and at festivals.
    Also, theres a lot more to this genre than “drops.” Yes that’s the fun part where everyone goes nuts, but there are many other elements worth discussing. Just trying to provide a different take here.

  2. Emery was so unimpressive he didn’t even deserve ink. As well, the most important part of krewella is the live aspect. And their inspirations.. Didn’t the writer cover that? He did.

  3. I’m not trying to attack the writer. I thought he wrote a good piece. I’m just expressing an opinion.

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