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How To End Your Senior Year Right

WEST LONG BRANCH – With graduation quickly approaching, seniors are struggling to fit in all the things they wanted to do while in college, but simply didn’t make time to do.  And as the clock ticks down, pending graduates want to make sure that when they cross that stage, they are leaving the best four years of their life with no regrets.
Thankfully, you aren’t there yet; ou’ve got some time until your name is called up to receive your diploma and an army of friends coping in the same way you are. You’ll never be in a situation like the one you’re currently in, so you might as well relish every last second before graduation hits and you’ve got to throw on your big person.

Image source dianegottsman.com
Image source dianegottsman.com

Here’s the five things every senior needs to scratch off their bucket list before graduation.
Put together some embarrassing pictures: Whether it be a slide show or a photo album, nothing will cheer you up quite like viewing reminiscing about your most embarrassing—I’m talking looking back at the picture of you in that Affliction shirt that was way too tight the night of your first party. Call up your best friends and relive those few, fleeting moments that you looked like an idiot. First and foremost, it will  make you laugh so hard your ribs hurt. Secondly, it will  make you appreciate how much smarter you’ve gotten in a brief four years.
Do Something Stupid: Don’t get this one confused, don’t do anything that will put you in danger physically, emotionally or legally, but just act like an idiot for a couple hours one night. Do something your faux-adult self would hate you for in a few years: go to Chuck ‘E’ Cheese with your friends, buy a used Razor scooter, literally anything outside of your intellectual comfort zone. You’re about to spend the rest of your life racking your brain and filling it with information. You might as well forget you even have one for a few hours.
Take Time for Yourself: Your fears of leaving your friends are likely at an all-time high, and that can start to get a bit overwhelming. It’s totally acceptable to squeeze as much time together as you can, and it’s absolutely recommended; but don’t forget to pay attention to yourself along the way. Take one day to dedicate a few hours to yourself. Get yourself a cup of coffee in the morning and just hang out.  At the root of it all, college is an incredibly personal journey. Be sure not to overlook that fact.
Stay up All Night: Remember being in the 5th grade and sleeping over your friend’s house? You’d stay up the entire duration of the night watching QVC and laughing at the funny ways the sales people would pronounce ordinary words. A lot’s changed since then, don’t get me wrong, but find some time to stay up all night with your friends and bring your friendship back to basics.
Thank the People You Care About: From the ones that raised you and got you here in the first place, to the ones that just puked on your shoes two weeks ago, take time to thank your friends, family and loved ones for being a part of the journey. They have witnessed you during all stages of your development and have still managed to tolerate you the whole way…well most of the way.  Take five minutes out of your day to truly and sincerely thank them for their presence in your life. After all, they’ve been some of the greatest influences and role models you’ve had to in your life.
So as you wrap up your last week here at Monmouth, be sure to make the most out of your four years here.  Leave this place with no regrets, and only happy memories.  Congrats seniors!