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The Dreaded Final Exam Week

Read on for tips on how to reduce the stress of finals to allow for some smooth-sailing going into the summer! Image taken from:

West Long Branch, N.J. (The Verge) – Monmouth Students are itching for summer, and summer feels so close. With the conclusion of classes on Monday, April 30, students are getting the itch more than ever to pack it up and hit the beaches. However, one obstacle stands in the way of achieving those summer dreams, and that is the dreaded final exams.
There is no doubt that Finals week (along with midterms) are the most dreaded weeks of ones college year. Students will be leaving the sun to run into the library to get some last minute studying in. Whether that is procrastinating and leaving everything until the last minute or studying all week for a certain final, students are more stressed than ever to get that final perfect grade.
“I am so close to graduation, Monday is my last college ever. It is surreal that four years have flown by this fast. The only thing standing in my way between freedom is my final exams, and I am certainly dreading them,” explained senior William Loesch.
Finals week came earlier this year than in years past, but that is not making students any happier. Finals can ranger from long tests, showing presentations, writing lengthy research papers for writing intensive courses or even designing an art project. Every major has their own way of dealing with finals, but all students agree on one point; finals are not fun!
“ I have two research papers and a huge cumulative test, all within a day of each other! We have all these days for finals yet most of mine get bunched up into two days. I hope the upcoming week is very rainy so I have more incentive to sit inside and do work,” said Kaitlyn Chasey, a health major.
Many teachers beg students to get a head start on their studies for final exams, but many never seem to heed the warning, and cram all of their work the day before.
“ It’s my senior year. I have pretty good grades, and only need one final to really boost my grade up, so I am focusing on that class the most. Other than that I will enjoy my senior year with my friends, cause you don’t know when you will all be together again,” explained Vincent Gallo. gives some good, smart tips for students who have to study for the dreaded final exam. One tip mentions to shed commitments, and make a schedule that allows you the most time to focus on your work. Plan ahead and don’t wait until the last minute to put together your study guides or papers. Stress is very common among college students, and students get the best when working in a less stressful state or environment.
Another good tip is to get away. Get away from the dorms or your college house, where your rowdy roommates can distract you or pull you away from your work. The library is the perfect place to go to study in peace and quiet and just be alone with your thoughts.
Study guides are also a great way to help study. Usually, teachers give out guides of exactly what to study. It is best to find the answers to what you need to study and then write or re-type it over and over. Writing things down helps the memory to retain the information better, and is more effective than staring at a sheet of paper for ten minutes.
Finally, a good meal and sleep is key. Being the end of the semester, it may be hard for students to contain their excitement, especially seniors or students over 21 looking for a good time before their college career comes to an end. Eating a good breakfast can fuel your day, and getting at least 8 hours of sleep will ensure you have enough rest and energy to carry on with your studies the next day.
While finals are quickly approaching, make sure your days still have some fun in it. It is not healthy to study for hours straight, hurting your brain. Students got this far and deserve to be rewarded.
Make sure to study hard and get that one final grade that can boost your class grade up. Good luck to everyone on his or her final exams! Happy studying.