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Fixes for Skin Care Nightmares

(The Verge)- Are you staying out late and pulling all nighters to write that paper due at 8 a.m.? The last thing on your mind is taking care of your skin. As colder weather approaches so does dry skin and with the stress from school break out are bound to appear.
We’ve all been there from dry skin, to breakouts and chapped lips, not only are these not attractive but they also can be painful. To ease your skin drama and make the colder months bearable here are some products that will help make your skin behave itself!


Dry Skin?
The face brush is the way to go to treat acne, dry skin, and give you a more thorough cleaning. The face brush gently exfoliates the face removing dead skin cells and leaving it softer. It makes your face cleanser ten times more effective and improves your skin drastically. Remember a really good exfoliated face helps makeup go on smoother and your moisturizers absorb quicker!

Sephora complexion brush ($6.00, Sephora) (the Fushia and clear brushes are now on sale for $3.00!)

 You can also splurge and get a Clarisonic (129.00, Sephora). The Clarisonic is an electronic face brushes that deeply cleanses the face and removes makeup six times better then other methods. Click here for more information.
Dehydrated skin?
Does it seem like your makeup always comes off your face only a few hours after putting it on? Your skin is actually absorbing it because it’s dehydrated a serum will help give your skin the extra moisture it needs.


Burts Bees radiance serum ($17.99, Drug Stores) is lightweight and absorbs into dehydrated skin bringing it to life again and its all natural and not tested on animals!
Chapped Lips?
Your lips need moisture too! To keep your pout from getting painful, cracked and dry Jour lip enhancer is what you need. I am addicted to the amazing lip treatment and for $14.00 you can’t go wrong with Jour.


Not only is Jour Lip Enhancer “nourishing and condition” it also has “clinically proven Maxi-Lip™ which naturally increases the fullness of your lips while decreasing fine lines” It contains vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil and as a pretty pink tint to it so you can wear it as a lip gloss!
Nothing’s worse then having those few huge pimples on your face! Using this treatment will get rid of that pimple over night! Mario Badescu drying lotion ($17.00, Nordstrom) is magical!! You will never worry about having a pimple again one dip of a q-tip into the pink pimple poison and your breakout will be gone!


Hope these treatments leave your skin hydrated and blemish free, so the only thing you need to worry about is schoolwork and what you’re going to wear out Friday night!