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Foreign Turbulence Impacts Polls

(The Verge)- With the elections getting closer and closer, constituents are still left wondering whom they are to vote for, or are they? Regardless of party, a lot of votes in November are still uncertain. Just as many as there are that don’t know, there are about the same amount that have their minds made up.
According to an article on Fox News, a poll that was released on September 12, Obama takes a “post convention advantage” over Romney. Among all of the speeches heard at the conventions, some hurt and some helped, but can we agree that Obama really came out on top at the conclusion of these conventions? Which ticket really looks better after hearing from dignitaries, personal relatives, and other speakers? With the debates still to come where we will see true colors, the conventions quickly become a thing of the past.
Over all though, according to the same poll, both candidates are tied when it comes to “taking the country in the right direction” and “improving the country,” isn’t this what the country is ultimately looking for? So how do we choose? Essentially, it all boils down to how much we trust either one of the candidates. Are we willing to put our already fragile country into the hands of Obama for another four years or are we willing to give it to another administration for the chance at a turn around?
With all of these campaign questions we must keep in mind political game changers that each ticket is faced with daily. For instance, consider Libya and Cairo. With such radical events happening and the death of the U.S. ambassador as well as three other Americans, each candidate can quickly change their attention from the campaign to this focus. We need to make sure that we are educated as to who remains focused on both ideas simultaneously.
According to a Fox News article, in Cairo, the attacks were severe and prominently due to video being promoted by the United States that looked down upon Islam’s Prophet Muhammad. When the U.S. Embassy in Cairo said that it condemns, “the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims – as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions,” Romney claimed it, “disgraceful.” Quickly, Obama called it a “political attack” while more and more American lives were lost and the death toll was raised to four people.
Romney’s whole point was that he felt it was out of American character to apologize for actions, statements and American values. We have heard apologies from Obama before, and here comes Romney, finally calling him out for it. Right here, in the middle of a campaign while the political terrain, as Popkin calls it in The Candidate, shifts to important issues over seas. This seems to speak volumes about Romney’s confidence and beliefs in America.
After Obama’s administration disavowed the statement made by the Cairo Embassy, Romney made a pertinent point. He said that it just, “reflects the mixed signals they’re sending in the world.” Not only are the statements, claims or threats each candidate makes confusing, but messages we are sending to other nations are often the cause of such confusion and even the beginning of war, turbulence and upheaval.
This brings it all back to the beginning; do voters understand what’s going on in each candidates campaign? Better yet, do they understand what’s going on in the world so they can make the right decision come November 6?