Donald Trump's $5 Million Bait

(The Verge)- Will the bribe of $5 million be enough for Obama to release his records? Do the American people find it necessary to know the information that Donald Trump is saying that they do? How much of a problem has this really been? These are all questions that in time, we will know the answer to. As we have known, since May 2011, there has been a problem with Obama releasing his birth certificate. Rightfully so, the American people have a right to know who their president is. How can we assign such an important job and its corresponding power to a man of whom we don’t know his origin?
Earlier today, Donald Trump made an offer to President Obama that he doesn’t think that he can refuse. The offer, $5 millon to a charity of the president’s choice for the release of his college transcripts and passport records, sparked a jump in interest of people all over social media, and more. Apparently, whenever the Obama camp was asked about the announcement and their feelings towards Trump, they didn’t reply. What did they do? They sent a link to the Obama store on their website to purchase a bumper sticker with Obama’s “face, his birth certificate, and the words ‘Made in the USA,’” according to a Daily News article.
What are the positives and negatives of the whole thing? There are several. If the president is to accept the terms of Trump and take the money, a couple of things will happen. Perhaps, voters will consider Obama weak for giving into demands. Trump says that he wants nothing more than to write the check and for Obama to release paper work. If the president does not accept the money and focuses on more important things (because his camp says there are more important things), the American people can think many things. If he turns it down, everyone will wonder why he wont release the documentation still. As we have been wondering for nearly a year and a half why, we will continue to wonder. Not only this, but voters will wonder why he wouldn’t take the money that could go to a charity and will take him for a heartless person.
Quite frankly, Trump has shaken up the race more than he thinks. There was no better time to release this “October surprise” as he referred to it. This will give voters a lot of things to think about if they don’t have their minds made up yet. We have been off of the birth certificate thing for a while now so to bring it back, Trump is making waves for sure. What do you believe?