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Holiday Savvy Shopping!

(The Verge)- Holiday shopping can be extremely expensive so it is smart to keep a look out for any kind of deals and discounts you can get during the holidays and any other time of the month. is an online shoppers best friend. The #1 coupon site in the world allows you to search for a coupon code from your favorite stores at the touch of a button. All you need is a computer or mobile device you can save hundreds of dollars too.

According to the company overview:

“Here at RetailMeNot, every single coupon is rated and ordered by its usefulness, and every store is categorized and ordered by its popularity within that category. Our users ensure that the best deals quickly rise to the top, and expired or superseded coupons quickly drop down the list.”

The RetailMeNot coupon app.
When the owners of RetailMeNot discovered that people searched coupons online not only at their homes but also from their mobile devices when out at the mall they created an amazing app to help people save money while on the go.
“The app uses geo-fencing, which takes a cellphone’s location data to send alerts when someone walks across a virtual perimeter. The notifications appear even if the app is not open. People show cashiers the coupons on their phones.” Says the NYTimes
Retailmenot has teamed up with more than 275 merchants, including Target, Nordstrom, Amazon and more, and works at 500 malls across the world. (NYTIMES)

This new revolution in couponing is just what we need to save the most we can during the holiday season and with savings this easy  you would be silly not to take advantage of them!

Score the Savings You Want™ and go to before you hit the checkout counter or button.