Baltimore Ravens: Superbowl XLVII Champions
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Baltimore Ravens: Superbowl XLVII Champions

Many might say that Beyonce stole the show as the halftime artist at this year’s Super Bowl. Image taken from:

(The Verge) – 108 million people tuned into this years Superbowl to watch the Baltimore Ravens play the San Francisco 49ers. This year’s game made the list of the top 5 most watched programs of all time that CBS has aired. Viewers were tuned into see if Ray Lewis would get his Superbowl ring before he says goodbye to the game. Many viewers were even shocked to see Destiny’s Child reunite on stage during Beyonce’s half-time performance.
The Ravens, starting off the game with a steamroll of the ‘Niners, eventually took the title by 3 points. Image taken from:

Ray Lewis played for the Baltimore Ravens his entire career which lasted over 15 years. Although he did not get MVP this time around, he could still look back on his career with pride knowing his last season as a NFL player he led his team to take the Lombardi Trophy. Joe Flacco, the Ravens quarterback, received MVP for this year’s game, which was well deserved. With four seconds on the clock, Ravens punter Sam Koch took a safety which changed the game. “AND THE BALTIMORE RAVENS WIN THE SUPERBOWL…”
Another topic for discussion during this years Superbowl was Beyonce’s half-time performance. Beyonce was getting a lot of bad publicity and there were speculations that she had been lip-syncing at President Obama’s inauguration. (Well, she cleared her name after that knockout performance!) Destiny’s Child came on the stage and the three of them collaborated singing some of their hits as well as hits that Beyonce had made as a solo artist. For having a baby only a year ago, she looks better than ever. Some may even argue her performance was the highlight of the Superbowl.
With the final score being 34-31, just about everyone from the 50 states (with cable or WiFi at least) was glued to their TV screens, to watch the Baltimore Ravens take the title of Superbowl XLVII champions. This comes, of course,  even after a highly controversial moment (being the
 half-hour blackout) which could have helped or hindered the war-path the Ravens seemed to be on in the third quarter!
Needless to say, ‘Broadway Joe and the boys’ took this one home, and of these recently crowned champs would attest that this great feat, is a testament to the playing career of Ray Lewis.
Ray Lewis surely went out with a bang, similar in fashion to Michael Strahan…winning a Super Bowl in his very last game. Image taken from:


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