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Fashion Trend Alert: Denim Cutoff Shorts

(The Verge) – Once the cold season is settled in, there’s a fashion invasion of… shorts! Yes, you read that right. The essential summer staple, denim cut-offs with their itty-bitty length is nothing new, especially when girls are sporting them at the beach with your bikini, at the mall or on campus, walking to class. This trendy, cool and comfy look is a fashion trend alert for fun in the sun. Forget wearing them with tights and show your toned legs off whether they are belly-button high or rated X-low, they are sure to make a fashion statement wherever you go. From a lazy walk on Sundays, to having drinks with your friends, to work to dates, to parties, shopping, traveling etc… cutoffs are easily adaptable and can be dressed up & down for the occasion.
According to Fashion, You can pair the shorts with boots, tennis shoes, blouses, cardigans, jumpers, t-shirts, and jackets. They go with everything and depending on the look you’re going for, you can experiment and play around with layers, colors and accessories. For a girly look, opt for sexy heels, a silky top or t-shirt and a blazer. If you’re aiming for your rock-star persona to shine through go for studded ripped cutoffs for a glam grunge vibe. For a rich look wear stylish accessories, and invest in a great bag. And the best part about the denim cutoffs trend? You can make these shorts yourself! Sure you can buy from any high-street brand, brand new cutoffs that look worn out, ripped, used, washed out, but if you’re aiming for a more personal touch, or just don’t want to part from your favorite pair of jeans just yet, cut them into shorts!
Cell Jane’s Blog explains the process of creating your own DIY denim cutoffs. You will need Jeans, scissors, measure tape and something to cut with like a knife or razor.

Denim Jeans are a girl’s savior in the warm months. Image taken from:

First, find a pair of jeans you haven’t worn in a couple years. Next, try on your jeans (make sure they fit). Mark where you want the cut 2 inches longer than the length you want, because they can shrink and you can always cuff them. Next, cut them with a pair of scissors. This part is important, when cutting, do the front on the leg first, you may need to do a small hole to get your scissors in to start cutting. Then when you reach the back angle your scissors down and have the back be an extra inch or two longer than the front. Next, depending on how “distressed” you want your cutoffs to look you can use your scissors and start scraping on sections of your shorts that you want that worn look to have. You can also use sand paper. For the finishing effect, you can throw them in the washer to see how the distressed parts look.
Next, if you want your jeans to have a bleached out look, you can add bleach. Pour straight bleach on the front and back then let them sit for 20 minutes look them over to make sure parts all the parts bleached out are what you want. Last, you will need to wash them again to get the bleach smell out, plus the more you wash the more the fringes and worn look you get.
And it’s that’s easy!
Denim shorts are a number one fashion essential to have in your clothing collection for this summer! When it comes to denim, there is no denying that most people like to stick to the basics. However, this spring and summer, you can be different and stylish with denim cutoffs and create a style statement of your own.