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A Groom's Subtle Reflection

(The Verge) – An original poem by Shawn McBride:  

Beau, you make me so happy.

You get me through the days that seem so crappy.

I am a lucky man to have such a person in my life.

Today’s the day I call you my wife.

My heart races as you walk the aisle parallel with your father.

I can’t wait until you make it down and the priest begins to read the bible.

Believe me this marriage will work.

Short lasting is not in my vocabulary.

We’re a team playing pictionary.

About to wed in holy matrimony.

There will be no future alimony.

You are my prized trophy.

You are my Grammy, Emmy, and Academy Award.

I can care less if you are not the people’s choice.

I’ll scream at them rose red and make them change their pants while the same faces turn violet blue.

It’s all true.

I’d do anything for you.

With that said these thoughts I have I can no longer keep bottled up inside.

All because of you my beautiful bride.

I am so color blind to the family and friends who reside.

You are my soul mate.

You are my everything.

For you my beau, I say–I do.

Looking around I see many eyes tear up and water.

Hold back they cannot.

We two love birds are about to tie the knot.

Personally, today was easy to get out of bed.

That’s what she said (I hope) as my cheerfulness through this whole process from the engagement to the here and now soars higher.

Girl, I bet anything I’m preaching to the choir.

Have I been dreaming of this day since I was a little boy? No.

But I have since you agreed to marry me and take my name; I hope I have not brought shame.

As time goes by my feelings for you will only grow stronger and continue through the days we are grandmother and grandfather.

All are witnesses to thee k-i-s-s-i-n-g

On this our wedding day.

A day we rewind.

A day we will tell our kids, we became Mr. and Mrs.

Image taken from: thebridespot.com.