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Fashion's Gone Grunge

(The Verge) – Fashion is cyclical; trends from previous decades are constantly being brought back and modernized, reinvented and reinvigorated.  This fall, grunge is reemerging on the fashion scene as one of the biggest trends of the moment.
Grunge was popularized in the late 1980’s music scene in Seattle.  Characterized by uneasy lyrics and a rebellious attitude, bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam led this movement in grunge music, bringing it right to the forefront of the American music scene.  It was not until Kurt Cobain, however, that grunge was incorporated into the fashion world.  In his attempt to go against the grain, wearing mismatched prints, torn jeans, and over-sized flannels, Cobain inadvertently launched the trend that would later characterize the 90’s.
Today grunge is being reinvented.  Feminine touches are being mixed with grunge staples: flannel shirts, torn jeans, and slouchy beanies, creating a surprising and modern look that is accessible to today’s woman.  Subtle touches, like a lacey sock peeking out from a classic pair of Doc Martens or topping a feminine floral frock with a casual beanie are simple ways to fuse this trend into your wardrobe.

The attire of Kurt Cobain, for one, is being sharply reinvented; even with a ‘femme’ look. Image taken from:

For a more overt ‘grunge meets femme’ look, pair destroyed demin boyfriend jeans and a cropped floral sweater and your boyfriend’s flannel tied around your waist.  Instant grunge.  Have a favorite band tee?  Pair it with a feminine circle skirt, a pair of Chucks, and a beanie for an easy girl gone grunge style.
Whether you fully incorporate this revival into your personal style or experiment with touches here and there, one thing is for sure: fashion’s gone grunge.