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Beyoncé's Inspiring, 'Fierce' New Album

WEST LONG BRANCH, N.J. – It is hard to deny the force that is Beyoncé Knowles. She is the definition of a diva, she is innovative, and she is naturally beautiful. She has had a slew of hits, multiple albums and has a business sense that not many celebrities, especially singers, possess.
Her rapper/businessman husband, Jay Z, seems to have inspired her for her last album. He released his most recent album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, this last Independence Day. Unlike many other albums, not one song was leaked so the entire album was released at once, on the same day.
This is something that is almost unheard of in pop culture. Beyoncé took it one level further than her famous hubby, surprising the world with her newest album. Not only was it a complete surprise to fans, but the album is also a completely visual experience, since she made a music video for every single song. As we all know, Beyoncé is an amazing artist. Her singing talents, as well as dancing talents, are mesmerizing to watch. So, with Beyoncé releasing a visual masterpiece like this, it becomes a neat (early) Christmas gift!
She is an artist and she loves to tell stories with her music. When she, or any other artist, releases an album, most songs leak and it takes time to make music videos for particular songs. But for Beyoncé to deliver an album to us with a video for every song (all at once) is amazing. It has already generated over a million hits on iTunes and is getting massive amounts of publicity from fans and critics.

Image taken from: originals.last.fm.
Image taken from: originals.last.fm.

This visual album is a story that Beyoncé wants to share with her loyal fans. She said that she wanted them to know what she was thinking about while writing the lyrics for each song; she wanted ‘us’ to see what inspired the music.
Queen B has many more talents than just her singing and dancing abilities. The way her body looks in sleek clothing, is just as enamoring as watching her perform. In the visual album, she sports amazing designer outfits that are incredible and unique. It is hard to believe that anyone else would wear them as beautifully as she does. Beyoncé has made so many different types of songs. She has made love songs, club songs, inspiring songs, and songs that are just fun to listen to.
This visual album has a different vibe to it. While the songs embody everything that Beyoncé is known for, there is something different about it. Perhaps it is putting visuals to the story she intends to tell, or perhaps it is not different at all.
The thing about Beyoncé, is that she is an inspiring person. She worked hard to get where she is and she is a great role model for young women. She is not the type of celebrity that is in the public eye making a fool out of herself and doing anything for publicity. She is in a true and loving relationship, she is a wonderful mother and she is so appreciative of her fans. Beyoncé is an artist.
This immersive experience that is her self-titled visual album is something that should be watched, even if you are not a fan. It is absolutely worth the money to see an inspiring and beautiful story that came straight from the mind of Queen B. She put out an introduction video on Facebook that explained why she did this for her fans and what inspired her. She concluded it by saying, “I will make my best art, and put it out there,” and that is exactly what she did.